Top activities to do in Boracay, Philippines

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Top activities to do in Boracay, Philippines
One of the most popular beach destinations in the Philippines, Boracay Island is famous for its fine white sands and lush tropic scenery. Tourists from all over the world have found solace in this tiny piece of paradise, making it a place people come back to again and again.

  • Enjoy the beach

    Enjoy the beach Enjoy the beach

    Boracay’s powdery white sand never fails to captivate. But while you should definitely enjoy the beautiful one-kilometer stretch of White Beach on your visit, you’ll be missing a lot if you don’t explore Boracay’s other beaches. At Puka Beach, colorful puka shells mix with the sand to create a gorgeous natural blanket. Visit Bulabog Beach and find out why it’s the country’s top kitesurfing destination. Then, find your way to the quaint little beach of Ilig Iligan, which offers adventure seekers a treasure trove of coves, caves and patches of jungle to explore.

  • Go on a food trip

    Go on a food tripGo on a food trip

    Boracay is not only a natural beauty, it also offers a wide selection of gastronomic delights to suit every taste and budget. You can opt to go local and try traditional home-cooked Filipino food or splurge on the must-eat foreign dishes on the island. Whichever you prefer, don’t leave Boracay without trying the boodle fight — where people share a giant banana leaf loaded with food and use their bare hands to go at it! This also gives you a glimpse into why Filipinos see kamayan as the best way to enjoy a meal.

  • See Boracay differently

    See Boracay differentlySee Boracay differently

    The island’s not only a trip about beaches and water sports. In fact, there’s so much to see and discover within the island. Take Boracay’s two-hour inland tour that goes through the 220-hectare Mangrove park. Visit the local Ati Community, which have lived on the island for decades (long before tourism emerged), and at the end of the tour enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the island from Mt. Luho. If you hire a local guide, you might have the chance to hear interesting stories and secrets about Boracay too.

  • Visit Boracay’s neighboring islands

    Visit Boracay’s neighboring islandsVisit Boracay’s neighboring islands

    To get the most out of your stay, step away from White Beach for a half-day and go island hopping. Boracay’s neighboring islands are beautiful natural gems well worth exploring. You’ll get the chance to set foot upon unspoiled beaches, see breathtaking seascapes and snorkel in between your beach stops. Find your way to Crocodile Island (where there are no crocodiles in sight), trek Crystal Cove Island and jump off a cliff from Magic Island.

  • Take the reverse bungee ride

    Take the reverse bungee rideTake the reverse bungee ride

    Challenge yourself by taking the G-Max reverse bungee experience on Boracay. Originally from New Zealand, this thrilling ride is the first attraction of its kind in the country. Experience what it feels like to be shot up into the sky as the capsule reaches up to 60 feet above. While the entire ride only takes less than 10 minutes, this adrenaline-pumping activity will definitely be one of the main highlights of your trip.

  • Experience nightlife on the island

    Experience nightlife on the islandExperience nightlife on the island

    One of the many reasons why tourists keep coming back to Boracay is because it’s often dubbed as ‘the island that never sleeps’. After the sun goes down, the beach becomes a giant outdoor club where you’ll witness fire dancing, loud parties and drinking until the wee hours of morning. While it may not have the same ambiance (as the government plans to ban smoking/drinking on the beach), restaurant and club owners might have something under their sleeves as a different gimmick for night owls.

  • Get a massage on the beach

    Get a massage on the beachGet a massage on the beach

    After a long day of island hopping and water sports, a massage might be the cheapest and most relaxing way to reward yourself. While there are a number of spas and wellness centers where you can splurge on massage treatments, you can opt for a beachside version under the coconut trees. It’s a unique and refreshing experience while feeling the sea breeze. But, if the passers-by are distractions to your relaxation, find one of the island’s many nipa rooms instead.

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