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What to eat in Ayutthaya, Thailand
Ayutthaya is a popular destination that is known for its beautiful temples. Many of its visitors wonder what food to eat in Ayutthaya. This article will help you find the local specialties of Ayutthaya and make sure that you not only have an amazing cultural ...

Relax at the best coffee shops in Krabi
If you plan to travel to Krabi, it is likely that you are looking forward to soaking in the sun or hiking up a mountain. Going to this province to enjoy natural beauties is one way to have an incredible holiday.

The interesting markets to explore in Phuket, Thailand
Whether you are looking for delicious delicacies, local handicrafts, clothes, unique souvenir, or simply get a taste of island life after night falls, these interesting markets offer something for everyone.

The most sacred shrines in Bangkok, Thailand
There is no shortage of religious relics in the city of Bangkok. People visit these sites with hopes of love, success, and even fertility. Here are the stunning shrines in Bangkok you should visit.

Celebrating Christmas in Asian countries
Christmas for Asians is all about spending time with family and friends, and the celebration comes in a variety of ways.

November festivals to look forward to in Asia
November typically marks the transition out of monsoon season, bringing drier weather to much of Southeast Asia. Here are a few of the big events that often take place in November.

Isaan, a hidden gem in Northeast Thailand
Isaan, is not often visited by tourists, but it is a great place to spend a few weeks, especially if you have access to your own transport. There are some amazing places to visit, with the highlight for me being Wat Phu Tok in Bueng Kan province. Some of the best ...

7 best aquariums to visit in Asia
If you are an animal lover but are a little tired of visiting zoos and wildlife parks, taking a trip to an aquarium makes for a perfect alternative, especially since most aquariums these days are entirely air-conditioned.

Experience the Lunar New Year of Asian countries
The Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, is China’s most important holiday, but it is also celebrated in other East Asian countries and in places where natives of those countries and their families reside.

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