Best coffee shops in Pai, Thailand

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Best coffee shops in Pai, Thailand
The town of Pai, Thailand is famous for its coffee shops and it is easy to see why. Coffee shops line the street of this little town, all offering a different vibe and menu. Below are some coffee shops for you to explore.

  • Pai Siam Bistro

    Pai Siam BistroPai Siam Bistro

    It is as though there is some kind of force from the gods that brings people to visit, and fall in love with, Pai. It may be because it is a quiet town surrounded by mountains and gorgeous rice paddy fields, or that the journey to this place, from Chiang Mai to Pai, is a treacherous drive through the mountains that makes it seem like all other forms of civilization are beyond physical reach.

  • Coffee in Love

    Coffee in Love Coffee in Love

    The most famous coffee shop in Pai is one actually on the outskirts of town, Coffee in Love. Every one of my Thai friends that is visited Pai has spent well over two hours here just drinking a latte and taking photographs, as it is so beautiful. Built like a Swiss chalet, it has a beautiful view looking out over a stunning valley with mountains in the distance.

    Do not miss sitting out on the lovely wooden deck, where you can enjoy one of the best hot lattes. Do not forget to take pictures too, particularly next to their famous sign. Located on the main highway into town, just a couple of minutes from Pai.

  • Cafecito


    Cafecito’s popularity for Mexican food is undeniable, and the coffee is no afterthought. In fact, Cafecito’s coffee is amongst the best rated coffee in Pai and was number 1 until The Pedlar came along.

    Alongside its great coffee, Cafecito serves authentic Mexican food, with an all-day breakfast menu and a short list of well-prepared Mexican classics. The in-house baker makes all their breads and flour tortillas from scratch, with a daily selection of home-baked cakes as well.

  • Khaotha


    Khaotha has a loyal following amongst local Thais in Pai, so much so that even in this small town, they have two locations. Khaota roast their own coffee in-house using locally sourced Thai coffee beans, and though a little on the darker side, the coffee is nonetheless good. Aside from the occasional cookie, there is no food menu at Khaota, so do not plan for breakfast here.

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