Korean Cuisine

Explore traditional Korean side dishes in their daily meal
Banchan, also known as side dishes, are essential parts of Korean daily meal. They are served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine and served in small dishes and supposed to be shared with everyone at the table. Banchan can be the vegetable side dishes listed here ...

Escape the heat with Korean refreshing summer dishes
Summer in Korea is in full force by mid-June, bringing with it muggy weather and bouts of heavy rain. As temperatures rise, people try to escape the heat by heading to the beach, the swimming pool, or air-conditioned cafes and malls. In Korea, however, staying healthy ...

Enjoy the various noodle dishes in South Korea
No trip to South Korea is completed without trying these amazing local dishes. There are so many reasons to travel to South Korea but one of the biggest reasons is its cuisine. South Korea is a wonderland for people who love food, from the amazing bibimbap to authentic ...

5 street foods to try in Busan, South Korea
Busan is a foodie’s dream. From sizzling beachfront sea food to noodles, the city has plenty to get your teeth into. Here’s our guide to the dishes you simply can’t miss, and where you can find them.

Experience the Jeonju's cuisine, the city of taste
Situated in the country’s southwest, Jeonju is renowned for its gastronomy and food industry and has over the years developed into South Korea’s food capital.

Warm up with 6 best Korean soups
These Korean soups will not only warm you up but also help you stay healthy. Some soups are packed with Vitamin C which is great for colds. Check out 6 best Korean soup to fill up your stomach.

Enjoy the best dishes from seafood in Busan
Busan is truly a paradise for seafood lovers. From the Jalgachi Fish Market to the shores of Haeundae Beach to the neon-drenched downtown area, there are plenty of places to find the freshest seafood.

Korean traditional dishes served in New Year
New Year is probably one of the biggest national holidays in Korea. Families and relatives get together and they pay respect to their ancestors. In addition, they also eat lots of food, play some traditional Korean games and give gifts to each other. Here are the best ...

Top unbeatable dishes in Jeju Island
Jeju Island is a volcanic island with a unique landscape that is home to a diversity of plant life that varies by elevation and numerous types of animals. There's no denying that Jeju Island has its own special culture. Isolated from the mainland, Jeju's ...

Get to know about Anju, foods eaten with alcohol in Korea
It's a common knowledge that Koreans love drinking. While drinking, they love having snacks called "anju" to accompany the taste of alcohol. Below are 6 most popular anjus in Korea.

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