Vietnamese Cuisine

Signature noodle dishes you can only find in Hanoi
Besides Pho, Vietnamese cuisine has also many amazing noodle dishes. You may think most of them are quite similar, but this is a common misconception. Hanoi is a wonderful land for those who want to explore the quintessence of cuisine in Vietnam. Here are the noodle ...

What are typical breakfast dishes in Vietnam?
Breakfast plays a very important role as it is the energy source for a whole hard working day. In the past, breakfasts were cooked by deft hands of women in a family which enhances much the taste of the foods. Traditional breakfast choices in Vietnam are incredibly ...

Must-try local desserts in Vietnam
Desserts in Vietnam come in a variety of flavours, shapes, and ingredients. Many travellers rave about the Vietnamese’s savoury yet healthy meals, but their dessert offerings are also must-tries when visiting the country. You can find many of these sweets in fresh ...

A regional guide to Vietnamese cuisine
Vietnam is a foodie paradise, with restaurants and street vendors serving up fresh and locally sourced cuisine. With each area of Vietnam so distinct in its culture and climate, this list will guide you to the best local specialties in each part of the country.

Facts you may not know about Vietnamese cuisine
Vietnam’s food is one of the most fascinating parts of the country’s culture. It is complex, dynamic and often surprising – but never boring. Here are some facts you probably didn’t know about Vietnamese cuisine.

All you need to know about Vietnam's Pho
Pho is Vietnam's unofficial national dish, exported with pride all over the world. The balanced tastes of sweet, salty, spicy, and citrus are so contagious that pho becomes an instant favorite for anyone visiting Vietnam.

Various kinds of Banh mi you must try at least once
Banh mi is one of Vietnam's greatest culinary exports, and no place does it better than its home town of Sai Gon. There are thousands of options in this city, from humble food carts to high-end restaurants for you to experience.

The various noodle dishes in Vietnamese cuisine
From the aromatic pho of Northern and Southern Vietnam to heady heat of bun bo Hue in the center of the country, and bun rieu sour broth with crab and pork, you’ll find the perfect Vietnamese soup to enjoy.

The quintessence of cuisine in Central Vietnam, Hue
When it comes to Hue cuisine, it’s predominantly sweet and spicy in flavor from fresh herbs such as lemongrass, basil, red chilies, and mint mixed with the quintessential "nuoc mam" or known as fermented fish sauce.

Enjoy unique dishes before leaving Ha Giang
Ha Giang is not only known as a mountainous province with spectacular landscapes, customs and traditions, colorful festivals, sheer limestone mountains but we also see it as a piece of land with of attractive natural products and one of the best attractions is the ...

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