6 specialties to forget sadness in Ha Long

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6 specialties to forget sadness in Ha Long
Don’t forget to try Horseshoe crab when coming to Ha Long. It’s a sure thing that its flavor remains in you for a lifetime.

  • Fried minced squids

    Fried minced squidsFried minced squids

    The most popular specialty of Ha Long is Fried minced squids. This is made from fresh squids crushed by hands in a mortar, and so its original flavor and sweetness still remain. After spices are added, it’s made into small balls and deep fried in boiling cooking oil until they all turn into eye-catching brownish color. You can feel a typical crunchiness and sweetness of fresh squids when eating this, especially when eaten with white cooked rice.

  • Horseshoe Crab

    Horseshoe CrabHorseshoe Crab

    Although it is called in a very strange name, it is very familiar with the local people in Ha Long. Horseshoe crab can be made into many different new and delicious dishes like tiet canh (blood pudding), salad, sweet and sour roast, roast with lemongrass and chili, crunchy fried eggs, steamed Horseshoe crab, fried Horseshoe crab covered in pasta… On coming to Ha Long, don’t forget to try this seafood dish, which always remains in you for a lifetime.

  • Peanut worms

    Peanut wormsPeanut worms

    This is a must try dish in Ha Long cuisine list. Fresh peanut worms have the sweet flavor, which smells and taste really good and fragrant when roasted with garlic, pineapples or aromatic herbs. Dried peanut worms smell strongly good when barbecued and dipped in chili sauce added with fish mint leaves. It tastes even more delicious when sipping some beer. Dried peanut worms may be bought as gifts for your friends.

  • Barnacle soup

    Barnacle soupBarnacle soup

    This is a really plain local dish with pure and cool flavor. Barnacles, when cooked in sweet and sour soup, taste very new to your normal tastes, especially in summer. Fresh barnacles’ flesh sprinkled with a little drill, spring onions, red chili, aromatic herbs, and tamarind make the soup more delicious. Apart from being cooked in soups, Barnacles can also be covered with flour and deep fried.

  • Austriella corrugata

    Austriella corrugataAustriella corrugata

    This is a very popular and healthy food that can be made into many dishes like steamed, roasted with noodle or cabbage, porridge…, but the best one is Austriella corrugata roasted with noodle. For male tourists, their favorite one is wine made from Austriella corrugated with its typical flavor of Ha Long. You can enjoy this dish in restaurants, eateries in Ha long and some other neighboring areas.

  • Three-spined stickleback fish

    Three-spined stickleback fishThree-spined stickleback fish

    This kind of catfish contains a lot of protein giving you an unforgettable feeling when tasting, especially when it’s grilled. After being cleaned and carefully marinated, these fish are grilled finely on charcoal until they turn to crunchy brownish color. It’s the right time to enjoy it. It’s more amazing when eaten with spices, herbs, sour star fruits dipped in fermented soya sauce and sipping a cup of wine.

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