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What do you know about Boun Pi Mai, Lao's New Year Festival
Boun Pi Mai is one of the most important annual festivals to celebrate Lao New Year in the lasting several days in mid-April. It is a time when the entire country stops working and begins to party, and so do you if you visit Laos during Boun Pi Mai.

The best Indonesia festivals to look forward to in 2019
Indonesia festivals celebrate the country's multi-ethnic background, with celebrations devoted to Hindu, Muslim, secular, and local ethnic traditions. Attending one of these festivals ensures memorable times and stunning pictures.

China's most anticipated festivals in April
April is the start of spring, hence the follow suit of many festivals in China. These festivals and events below are the most stand-out ones in April in China for tourists to look forward to.

Do not miss these festivals when traveling to Myanmar
Traveling the world in searching of the best festivals is a great way to experience local culture, food, and traditions. If you are a festival lover, you will want to visit Myanmar in time for one of these incredible celebrations.

Explore Ati Atihan, the biggest festival in the Philippines
The Ati Atihan festival is believed to be a "Mother of all the festivals" in the Philippines, which over the course of its 800 years history has evolved into both a tribal and religious festival. Held annually in January during a week, the festival consists ...

The things make you love at first sight with Thailand
Thailand is very popular to everyone over the world. It is a country full of life and energy with an intoxicating mix of the fascinating, the fun and the frivolous. It can also be frustrating at times as visitors get to grips with the different way of doing things in ...

Where to celebrate the Songkran in Thailand
Songkran is an annual festival which takes place over three days during the traditional Thai New Year, April 13th-15th. The official Songkran festival lasts three days but in reality the whole week is taken over by a mass celebration as the whole country shuts down for ...

Guide to spring festivals in South Korea
When March comes, the cold subsides and plants begin to awaken and bloom, creating a sweet scent that can only be described as spring. In South Korea, a wide array of events celebrating the season can be found throughout the country.

The colorful festivals in Bhutan
Festivals in Bhutan are known for its richness, vibrancy and happiness. The ancient expressions of Buddhist culture and legendary victories are re-enacted and celebrated around the country with such pomp and show that it attracts visitors and tourists from around the ...

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