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The ultimate guide to the best orchards in Southwest Vietnam
The fruit orchards have long been tied to the life of the local Vietnamese farmers, thus it is not only a tool to earn a living but also poses a huge influence on their life. Nowadays, tours to the orchards have been a hot trend as it allows travelers to both enjoy the ...

Facts you may not know about Durian Fruit
If you’ve never traveled to Southeast Asia, it’s possible that you have never encountered fresh durian fruit. However, once you have tasted the stinky fruit, it is an experience you are not likely to forget.

Japanese local fruits you need to try
Almost all Japanese fruits are cultivated as both generic and affordable types alongside their luxurious and pricey counterparts. A few of these fruits are native to Japan, and some were imported, but it’s safe to say that all of them have been cultivated in some way ...

The most unusual fruits you can find in Asia
Everyone knows the most common fruits, such as the apple, pineapple, mango, etc., but what about the rambutan or durian? Continue reading to see more interesting fruits in Asia you might not have seen before.

The must-try fruits when traveling to Japan
Japanese fruits are highly cherished by the locals, and while a lot of fruits are available these days, that was not always the case.

Do not miss these fruits when visiting Thailand
Everywhere you go in Thailand, you will be met with plenty of fruit stands in almost every corner. The bright colors and shapes of these exotic fruits will attract your attention and call you to stop in your tracks and take a moment to divulge your senses in their ...

Taste the best dishes made from rice in Asia
Rice is known as a primary staple food throughout many countries all over the world. It’s also the most important grain consumed by humans with regards to nutrition. Here are the best dishes made from rice that served people every day.

Tibetan cuisine, a thing that must be discovered when traveling
When traveling to Tibet, don’t forget to try the Tibetan foods. The cuisine is an important part of Tibetan people, it has a very distinct character. There are many types of dishes in Tibet. Whether it’s tasty or not, you need to try it yourself. Even if ...

Get to know about Anju, foods eaten with alcohol in Korea
It's a common knowledge that Koreans love drinking. While drinking, they love having snacks called "anju" to accompany the taste of alcohol. Below are 6 most popular anjus in Korea.

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