Get to know about Anju, foods eaten with alcohol in Korea

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Get to know about Anju, foods eaten with alcohol in Korea
It's a common knowledge that Koreans love drinking. While drinking, they love having snacks called "anju" to accompany the taste of alcohol. Below are 6 most popular anjus in Korea.

  • Chimaek


    This beautiful combination is known as chimaek "Chicken + Maekju (beer)". Chimaek is a pairing of fried chicken and beer, served as anju in the evening in many South Korean restaurants, including a number of specialized chains.

  • Chicken feet

    Chicken feetChicken feet

    Another favorite finger food is chicken feet. Chewy and savory, this dish is especially delectable when you’re enjoying it with friends.

  • Samgyeopsal


    Samgyeopsal is often accompanied by, or accompanying (as anju) shots of soju. Somaek, a simple cocktail made by dumping a shot of soju into a glass of beer, is also a popular beverage consumed with samgyeopasal.

  • Bulgogi


    Bulgogi is another beloved pick. Bulgogi, literally "fire meat", is a gui (Korean-style grilled or roasted dish) made of thin, marinated slices of beef or pork grilled on a barbecue or on a stove-top griddle. It is also often stir-fried in a pan in home cooking.

  • Bindae-tteok


    Bindae-tteok, or mung bean pancake, is a type of buchimgae (Korean pancake). It is made by grinding soaked mung beans, adding vegetables and meat and pan-frying it into a round, flat shape. Inside there are green onions, kimchi, and other vegetables.

  • Fruit


    Fruit is also a popular option to go with drinks. It adds a refreshing and sweet touch to the night.

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