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Best Hong Kong’s markets you should visit
Hong Kong markets are absolutely perfect places that everyone should visit at least once. For tourists, markets are great places to pick up a cheap local souvenir. From brightly colored sets of chopsticks or carefully carved chess sets are ubiquitous and cheap. But ...

7 affordable Michelin starred restaurants in Asia
Michelin Star restaurants usually remind us of fancy dining rooms with ridiculously expensive price. However, these Asia restaurants are changing the gastronomy game as they want to tell the world that "good foods don’t always have to be expensive".

5 places to travel with kids in Asia
If you want your kids to experience the same magic on vacation, take them to any of these destinations. There is something here for everyone. Travel can be an enlightening and eye-opening experience for children of all ages. There are new foods, experiences, and sights ...

Get up early and experience a morning in Hong Kong
Hong Kong is not only beautiful at night, but it is also magnificent in the morning. Try to get up early in the morning, freshen up and let the fun begin.

Check out Hong Kong Michelin food guides
When it comes to food, Michelin stars are synonymous with quality. Most of the restaurants in the Michelin guide are upscale establishments so a Michelin-starred meal usually meant higher prices. Here are the most outstanding restaurants in Hong Kong that recommended.

Everyone should visit Hong Kong at least once in their lifetime
Hong Kong - also known as the Pearl of the Orient is a thriving metropolis unlike any other. As a Chinese city with a colonial British past, its society and culture are shaped by a unique mixture of Eastern and Western influences.

Iconic street foods you must try in Hong Kong
One of the interesting features in the lifestyle of Hong Kong people is enjoying street foods. Have you ever tried those dishes? Here are some iconic street foods in Hong Kong.

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