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The best places to take photos in Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, gleaming glass towers are one of the photogenic skylines on the earth. The scene is really fascinated with many markets and Buddhist temples located side by side with dim sum joints and global banks. Moreover, hiking trails and white sand beaches are ...

Discover amazing things in Kowloon, Hong Kong
Gritty, hectic and mischievous, Kowloon is the most attractive area in Hong Kong. First occupied by the British in 1860, Kowloon was home to farming and fishing communities for hundreds of years. Its name, which means "Nine Dragons," supposedly comes from the ...

Top destinations to visit in Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Wan Chai has an excellent range of attractions and landmarks in Hong Kong. If it is your first trip in Hong Kong, there is no doubt you will spend some time in and around Wan Chai.

Challenge yourself by hiking in Hong Kong
Hiking in Hong Kong, a new kind of traveling that offers to adventurous travelers who want to challenge yourself in climbing and discovering mountains. There are Hong Kong hikes for all levels of ambition and physical fitness, from those who want to go Bear Grylls and ...

What to eat on Christmas in Asia
Christianity is the predominant religion in only two Asian countries, the Philippines and East Timor. Christians make higher percentage of total population in Lebanon and South Korea. However, Christmas is a very popular holiday all over Asia. Here are just some of ...

Top tourist attractions in Hong Kong
Once a British colony, Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997. As such, it developed a distinct identity that is different from that of the mainland. A fun place to visit, there are loads of brilliant restaurants, bars and entertainment options available to visitors.

3 great places to spend New Year's Eve
Some of the details may change, but year in and year out, these destinations in Asia have a well-deserved reputation for traditionally throwing a great New Year's Eve shindig.

Enjoy these tasty Hong Kong desserts
Hong Kong is truly a heaven not just for dim sum and roast meat lovers, people who love sweets don't forget to try these amazing desserts when visiting Hong Kong.

Unique shops to bring home Hong Kong specialties
Hong Kong is definitely one of Asia's best shopping heavens. This city does not lack shopping centers with price ranging from high to low. Shopping in Hong Kong, however, can escalate into something more fun if you know the right places to shop.

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