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Most famous spots in Soho, Hong Kong
The Sohos of New York and London may be more well known, but their cousin in Hong Kong is no less worth visiting. Located on a steep hill just south of Hollywood Road is a neighbourhood of tightly packed side streets brimming with bistros, bars and boutiques.

New destinations in Hong Kong to look forward to in 2019
If you’re looking for all the newest, most buzz-worthy experiences and attractions to check out in Hong Kong this 2019, make this list your guide.

Top Asia destinations to visit in April
April is a wonderful month for a trip to Asia since you have so many great choices. This is also one of the best months of the year for travel bargains since it's low season in the beach areas as well as the bigger cities.

Harry Potter theme destinations to visit in Asia
Are you a hardcore Potterhead? Whether you are a fan of Harry Potter or not, these Harry Potter theme parks, cafes and shops will definitely make your day with their brilliant contents.

5 best multiple-country trips in Asia
Asia is without doubt one of the best regions of the world for an exciting multi-country holiday. With so many countries relatively close together, it seems almost like a wasted opportunity to see only one.

All about dining etiquette in Hong Kong
Whether you’re eating with new Chinese friends or dining at a traditional Chinese restaurant, it is important to respect and be aware of simple etiquette rules when in the bustling city of Hong Kong. Read on to discover how to impress the locals with your polite ...

Buildings influenced by fengshui in Hong Kong
Fengshui plays an important part in Asians’ daily life. Especially in Hong Kong, it shows the most in the ways its buildings are constructed.

Experience Central Hong Kong Island in a day
Previously called Choong Wan, the area of Central Hong Kong was named after the establishment of the Island Line. Central is the epicenter of Hong Kong. This is where you will find many of the finance companies head offices but also cultural attractions dating ...

Admire the stunning beauty of Asian cities at night
Traveling around the world offers many different unique experiences, many cities would not necessarily be described as beautiful more as 'concrete jungles'. However, the cities listed below really do prove how beautiful it is at night.

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