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The best destinations to celebrate Christmas in Asia
In Asia, Christmas celebration varies among each country. It is a collection of practices by different religions occurring during this holiday period. The Western influence makes Christmas time more fun and exciting in the East.

Destinations for spicy food lovers in Asia
When it comes to spicy food, Asian countries are the most popular in the world. Every country’s got its own take on hot and spicy foods, with so many different delightful ways to burn your face off. Here are the best countries for those who love enjoying spicy dishes.

Must-try Cantonese dishes when visiting Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a dining paradise for hungry travelers. You can find cuisines from all over the world here, but it would be a sin to miss out on traditional Cantonese food, Hong Kong’s native cuisine. From succulent roast goose to sweet egg tarts, don’t leave without ...

A day to explore amazing Hong Kong
Home to seven million people, 260 islands and more super-tall skyscrapers than any other city on the planet, Hong Kong is an immense destination in every sense of the world. Start with these Hong Kong attractions.

Visit Hong Kong to taste signature dishes
Hong Kong is a food paradise, with some of the world’s very best restaurants, from affordable eats and street food to high-end Michelin-starred eateries. But what makes Hong Kong’s dining scene truly unique is undoubtedly its local dishes. While most of these dishes ...

Visiting Hong Kong in September
Hong Kong in September is one of the best months to make a visit. The fantastic Mid-Autumn Festival also contributes to making September in Hong Kong a good month to stop by.

What to do in Penh Chau island, Hong Kong
Peng Chau (or Peng Chou) is one of the many outlying islands in Hong Kong. However, unlike some of the other bigger islands, it often gets neglected or talked about much. Which is precisely why it makes for a quiet and relaxing day trip away from the hustle and ...

Enjoy your summer at the best beaches in Hong Kong
Are you wondering what to do in this summer in Hong Kong? Hong Kong has ample stretches of beautiful golden beaches. Whether you are a surfer, a swimmer or just a sun-seeker, life is a beach in Hong Kong. Here is the best beaches you can indulge yourself during your ...

Top 5 best beaches in Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s lengthy and winding natural coastline is home to the best beaches in East Asia. With some accessible within a few minutes, others are completely secluded from the clamoring noise of the city. Whatever you’re looking for, check out our handy guide to find ...

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