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Discover the best parks in Tokyo, Japan
Many people imagine Tokyo as an utter concrete jungle filled with skyscrapers, but actually there are many beautiful parks in the city where we can escape from the bustling areas of the city. Here are the most beautiful parks in Tokyo which you should definitely ...

Explore neighbourhoods in Tokyo that you may not know
Tokyo is a labyrinth of hidden gems and underrated hangouts. It has over a thousand neighborhoods, and each one has its own unique personality. When the bustling streets of Shinjuku and Shibuya get to be a little too much, it’s worth exploring these diverse and unique ...

Experience the best indoor activities in Tokyo, Japan
Travelling to Japan during the rainy season? What to do in Tokyo on a rainy day?

Top Studio Ghibli movie locations in Tokyo
Combining mythical storytelling and stunning visuals, Studio Ghibli is renowned as one of the world’s greatest animation studios. If you can’t hold out until the Studio Ghibli Theme Park opens in 2022, Ghibli fans visiting Japan can experience their very own slice (or ...

Top 6 best shopping paradises in Asia
If you love combining shopping with travel, then Asia will not disappoint you. Apart from being a hot travel destination, the retail magic is also quite strong in Asia.

All about Japan's latest hot spot, Odaiba
Filled with bizarre attractions, strange cultural phenomena, and the humming sci-fi sounds of futuristic technology, Odaiba is truly one Tokyo tourist attraction you can’t miss.

6 reasons why you should visit Shibuya, Tokyo
Tokyo’s Shibuya district is full of fascinating nooks and crannies just waiting to be explored. Widely considered the beating heart of the capital, the energy here is infectious; you won’t ever be too tired to move right on to the next.

Amazing cities need to visit in Japan
For many travelers, Japan is an exotic place with a history and culture unlike anywhere else in the world. Japan is also an ideal destination for foodies who understand that Japanese food is much more than just sushi, outdoor enthusiasts who want to try ...

Natural onsens you should visit in Tokyo, Japan
Japan is rich in natural hot springs and mineral resources, which have played an important role in the traditions and culture of its people. Thanks to some modern advances in technology, Tokyoites no longer have to travel far to find an onsen to suit their needs. These ...

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