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A guide to nightlife in Shinjuku, Japan
When people say that Tokyo is a city that never sleeps, they must be referring to this particular neighborhood, Shinjuku. No other place in Tokyo can match its perpetual state of wakefulness.

All about Shojin Ryori, traditional Japanese buddhist cuisine
Japan has much excitement, richness and diversity to offer its visitor– pristine nature, a fascinating culture, and food of all textures and tastes. If you’re a vegetarian traveling to Japan (or know someone who is), Shojin Ryori should be on your radar.

How to spend two days exploring Tokyo
There is an endless list of things to see and do in Tokyo. Tokyo is an enticing place, and planning a short 48-hour stay can be a challenge. If you’re here, make sure to take in everything this city has to offer, including traditional Japanese cuisine, historic ...

The best capsule hotels in Tokyo, Japan
Capsule hotels are becoming more and more popular, fulfilling the need for cheap but private accommodation. These days, they cater not only to business travellers but leisure seekers as well. Take your pick of the top capsule hotels in Tokyo for your next visit.

Try the most unusual experiences in Tokyo
Tokyo’s reputation for the weird and zany is widely known. So there’s no better place than here to get off the beaten path and try something new. Get out there and check out some of the most unusual experiences Tokyo has to offer.

Discover the best parks in Tokyo, Japan
Many people imagine Tokyo as an utter concrete jungle filled with skyscrapers, but actually there are many beautiful parks in the city where we can escape from the bustling areas of the city. Here are the most beautiful parks in Tokyo which you should definitely ...

Explore neighbourhoods in Tokyo that you may not know
Tokyo is a labyrinth of hidden gems and underrated hangouts. It has over a thousand neighborhoods, and each one has its own unique personality. When the bustling streets of Shinjuku and Shibuya get to be a little too much, it’s worth exploring these diverse and unique ...

Experience the best indoor activities in Tokyo, Japan
Travelling to Japan during the rainy season? What to do in Tokyo on a rainy day?

Top Studio Ghibli movie locations in Tokyo
Combining mythical storytelling and stunning visuals, Studio Ghibli is renowned as one of the world’s greatest animation studios. If you can’t hold out until the Studio Ghibli Theme Park opens in 2022, Ghibli fans visiting Japan can experience their very own slice (or ...

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