A guide to nightlife in Shinjuku, Japan

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A guide to nightlife in Shinjuku, Japan
When people say that Tokyo is a city that never sleeps, they must be referring to this particular neighborhood, Shinjuku. No other place in Tokyo can match its perpetual state of wakefulness.

Night is coming, its bright lights and maze of streets beckon crowds to enjoy its company. Whatever your definition of fun is, you will find it here. See if any of these hot spots match your interests.
  • Watch a robot battle

    Watch a robot battleWatch a robot battle

    Every night in a basement in Shinjuku's Kabukicho district, the energetic crew at Robot Restaurant stages mock battles using enormous robots, though it is more steroid-enhanced fairground attraction than modern-day Gundam.

    Customers pay a ¥8,000 charge, and once you are in your seats you can order a bento box and drinks to go along with the lively show. There are three to four 90-minute shows each night, in which the performers take to the floor on giant robots, everything from neon tanks and enormous female 'borgs to giant sushi boat floats and flashing daruma dolls fitted with drum sets. Interested? Remember to bring a copy of our print magazine for a ¥2,000 discount!

  • Visit Kabukicho

    Visit KabukichoVisit Kabukicho

    East of JR Shinjuku Station lies Tokyo’s largest entertainment and red light district. Kabuchiko owns the night with its barrage of billboards advertising businesses catering to an array of late night activities such as bars, restaurants, hostess and host clubs, arcades, movie and live performance theaters, love hotels, karaoke, and plenty other shops. Popular attractions that make Kabuchiko become one of the most interesting places in Tokyo include internationally-featured Robot Restaurant and other bizarre-themed bars like The Lock Up.

  • Visit VR Zone Shinjuku

    Visit VR Zone ShinjukuVisit VR Zone Shinjuku

    The meta-reality entertainment facility VR ZONE SHINJUKU opened in 2017 and offers a whopping 15 different virtual reality games. Offering a wide range of VR genres, VR ZONE SHINJUKU has worldwide favorites such as the Kamehameha attack from Dragon Ball and driving a Mario Kart, as well as fishing and riding a bicycle through the sky with breathtaking views. Packed every day with participants from around Japan and around the world, you might think their mantra is “tear it up” from all the screams and shouts heard all around the venue.

    For entry, the 1-day 4-ticket package is recommended, which includes admission and 4 VR activities. Come out to VR ZONE SHINJUKU and see what cutting-edge VR technology has to offer in the way of entertainment.

  • Late Night Shopping at Don Quijote

    Late Night Shopping at Don QuijoteLate Night Shopping at Don Quijote

    Don Quijote is a quirky shopping destination in Japan. It is a fun place to get lost in because it contains floors upon floors of things you need, things you do not need but want to have, and things you had never thought necessary until you saw them on the shelf.

    It is designed to be a one-stop-shop selling pretty much every product category you can think of, and the best part is, the price tags are really cheap. There are over 160 Don Quijote branches all over Japan, but the one in Shinjuku is quite special because it is open 24/7. In case you need to do a last-minute shopping spree in the middle of the night, this store is your savior.

  • Relax with a late night movie

    Relax with a late night movieRelax with a late night movie

    Toho Cinema's newest multiplex is impressive; it is fitted with 12 screens, a full-scale Dolby Atmos audio system, and enough shops to rival your average city mall. But what really gets us excited is the giant Godzilla head glaring at passers-by from the roof of this Kabukicho tower. This massive cinema is the place to go for a late night flick as it offers the latest releases and Hollywood blockbusters. Just do not forget to snap a selfie with Godzilla before you leave.

  • Live Band Karaoke at Studio Himawari

    Live Band Karaoke at Studio HimawariLive Band Karaoke at Studio Himawari

    Karaoke is a Tokyo night out staple, but somewhere in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho area, it is served with a twist. How about belting out your favorite tune accompanied by an electric guitar or even a saxophone? Let Studio Himawari feed your inner rockstar. There is a band, a stage, a mic stand, food, and booze to last you until 7 AM. Pick a song and wow the crowd, either through sheer vocal prowess or something else like stage charisma.

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