Experience the best indoor activities in Tokyo, Japan

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Experience the best indoor activities in Tokyo, Japan
Travelling to Japan during the rainy season? What to do in Tokyo on a rainy day?

There are numbers of indoor activities in Tokyo which you can enjoy as much as sunny days! Don’t let the gloomy weather to spoil your day in Tokyo!
  • Mori Building Digital Art Museum

    Mori Building Digital Art MuseumMori Building Digital Art Museum

    While the digital art collective teamLab has been hosting exhibitions around Japan for the last few years, it was only in 2018 that they launched their first permanent installation at the Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Odaiba. It is a feast for the senses, with 520 computers and 470 projects used to create what is a truly unique experience and a “must-do” activity on a rainy day.

    Let your curiosity guide you as you explore the dynamic exhibits, many of which offer fantastic photo opportunities. Two of the most popular installations are the “Crystal World” and the “Forest of Resonating Lamps”, both of which will have you snap happy!

  • Konica Minolta Planetaria Tokyo

    Konica Minolta Planetaria TokyoKonica Minolta Planetaria Tokyo

    Back in 1938, Yurakucho became the very first area in Tokyo to house a planetarium. Sadly, it was destroyed during the war in 1945. But now, 80 years later, a brand-new facility has opened with two large domes and a virtual reality attraction. The first dome, a multi-purpose digital theatre, is equipped with an 8K ultra-high-definition screen that stretches from floor to ceiling. The second dome houses the planetarium, also kitted out with the latest technology. The result is as close as you can get to outer space without leaving central Tokyo.

  • Edo Tokyo Museum

    Edo Tokyo MuseumEdo Tokyo Museum

    Japan is a nation with an impressive history. Immerse yourself with the 400-year old history of Tokyo, or Edo as it was known in the days of the samurai, at the Edo Tokyo Museum. The main features of the permanent exhibitions are a life-size replica of the Nihonbashi, the bridge leading into Edo, and houses of the Edo townsmen.

    Due to the big earthquake in 1923 and firebombing 1945, there are not many “old” buildings in Tokyo left, but in the museum you can still catch a glimpse of what old Tokyo was like.

  • VR Experience

    VR ExperienceVR Experience

    VR is arguably one of the coolest things on the planet in worldwide today, and in Tokyo you can experience the latest VR program. Take a chance to step into the virtual reality world and have a whole new game experience!

    There are several VR spots in Tokyo which opened recently like Joypolis and VR NINJA DOJO.

  • Tokyo Sea Life Park

    Tokyo Sea Life ParkTokyo Sea Life Park

    Tokyo Sea Life Park’s glass dome (where the entrance is) does not give out much, but wait until you take the escalator down to where the exhibits are. This place aims to recreate aquatic environments from around the world, and features sea creatures from across the globe as well as from local areas including Tokyo Bay. The aquarium’s most popular attraction is a 2,200 ton doughnut-shaped tank which is home to an enormous shoal of bluefin tuna. Meanwhile, seabird lovers can check out large auks, puffins and one of Japan’s biggest penguin exhibitions.

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