Discover the best parks in Tokyo, Japan

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Discover the best parks in Tokyo, Japan
Many people imagine Tokyo as an utter concrete jungle filled with skyscrapers, but actually there are many beautiful parks in the city where we can escape from the bustling areas of the city. Here are the most beautiful parks in Tokyo which you should definitely visit, especially during spring for cherry blossoms and autumn for colourful leaves.

  • Yoyogi Park

    Yoyogi ParkYoyogi Park

    The Yoyogi Park is a large Western-style park situated a five minutes’ walk from the Harajuku Station and the Meiji Shrine. Yoyogi Park sits on the site from where the first successful powered aircraft flight in Japan took place on December 19, 1910 led by Captain Yoshitoshi Tokugawa. Presently, it is one of the locals’ favorite parks, where you will see many rock music fans, jugglers, comedians and hobby groups.

    For no charge, you get to witness its famous autumn leaves at the right time of year, especially the golden leaves of the many ginko trees.

  • Ueno Park

    Ueno ParkUeno Park

    Located in northeastern Tokyo a stone's throw from both ancient Senso-ji temple and ultra-modern Akihabara "Electric Town," Ueno Park is one of Tokyo's most popular green spaces. Ueno Park covers more than 5 million square feet, and is home not only to hundreds of species of plants and flowers, but also the five-story Kaien-ji pagoda. If you happen to visit Ueno Park on a cloudy or rainy day, fear not, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum sits within the park's grounds, and perfectly complements the outdoor experience, rain or shine.

  • The Institute for Nature Study National Reserve

    The Institute for Nature Study National ReserveThe Institute for Nature Study National Reserve

    The Institute for Nature Study National Reserve is perhaps one of Tokyo’s best-kept secrets. The natural reserve (Shizen Kyoiku-en) is situated in the heart of Tokyo, near Meguro Station. The park is operated by the National Museum of Nature and Science whose aim is to preserve the natural environment of Tokyo’s forests and marshlands, but it is owned by the Ministry of Education. For a small fee, anyone can enjoy the park’s natural beauty. The grounds are also used for research and education.

  • Hamarikyu Gardens

    Hamarikyu GardensHamarikyu Gardens

    At first glance, the wildest thing about Tokyo's Ginza district is the price tag on the some of the fruit sold in its department stores. Cantaloupes in particular seem to sell for a lot, often for hundreds of dollars per piece!

    However, as lovely as the neon signs and posh sushi bars of Ginza are, the rejuvenating quality of a stroll through Hamarikyu Gardens cannot be denied. After you stroll around the perimeter of this compact park, which juts out into Tokyo Bay, visit the tea house located at its center for a steaming cup of matcha green tea.

  • Shinjuku Gyoen

    Shinjuku GyoenShinjuku Gyoen

    Shinjuku Gyoen is often described as “the Central Park of Tokyo”. The park is located in Tokyo’s busiest district, Shinjuku area, and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tokyo. The park consists of three types of Japanese traditional landscape garden with large ponds, lawns, stones, bridges, etc. The park is especially popular for cherry blossoms viewing in spring and autumn leaves viewing in autumn.

  • Shiba Park

    Shiba ParkShiba Park

    Tokyo Tower is a polarizing landmark. Although designers had good intentions in attempting to disguise a telecommunications tower as an homage to the Eiffel Tower, many people (especially Japanese) find it tacky. Whatever you think of the Tower, however, it is difficult to deny the charm of Shibakoen, the park that sits at it is base. Shiba Park is especially beautiful during spring, when pink and white cherry blossoms perfectly frame the tower from most any angle.

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