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Top must-try dishes in Armenia
Armenian cuisine reveals the geography and history of the country, as well as animals and crops grown on its territory. The cuisine is rich in vegetables, meat, and fish; however, eggplant, lamb, and lavash (flatbread) make up its primary components. In addition, ...

All about Shojin Ryori, traditional Japanese buddhist cuisine
Japan has much excitement, richness and diversity to offer its visitor– pristine nature, a fascinating culture, and food of all textures and tastes. If you’re a vegetarian traveling to Japan (or know someone who is), Shojin Ryori should be on your radar.

Top best bakeries in Tehran, Iran
Iran is a country with some serious shirini etiquette. It is a country where patisserie boxes are filled by the kilo, and customers are often seen with several boxes in hand. Those with a sweet tooth will feel right at home in Tehran, especially in one of these ...

What to know about the famous dish of Southeast Asia, Laksa
Laksa is one of those unique dishes, possibly hard to find at home, that people crave long after their Southeast Asia suntan fades to a fond memory.

Experience cuisine of Coconut Land, Ben Tre
Coming to Ben Tre, you will be amazed by the simplicity, yet beauty of the region. For miles the coconut trees cover the land, the gardens with fruits ripe on the trees, the people are friendly, simple, and adorable. And last but not least, the food is just incredibly ...

Best seafood restaurants in Istanbul, Turkey
Nestled between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea and split by the iconic Bosphorus, Istanbul is an epicentre for amazing seafood restaurants. A trip to Istanbul isn’t complete without sampling what its nearby seas have to offer but with each catch-of-the-day menu ...

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Siam Paragon, Thailand
Siam Paragon is one of the largest malls in Thailand. It hosts a huge collection of restaurants, not only at the usual basement level but also in the food gallery towards the back of the 4th floor. With too many choices, it can be hard to pick one that will leave you ...

The best Siem Reap dishes you should never miss
The best Siem Reap dishes can be enjoyed everywhere in the quaint town, from dingy roadside stalls and traditional markets to luxury hotels and high-end Khmer restaurants. Not only are these dishes inexpensive (with prices sometimes as low as US$0.50 per serving), ...

Top must-try South Korean food during winter
The temperature has dropped below zero in Korea, and the sun has checked out for the winter. In Korea, that means it is time to whip out the electric blanket and eat good winter food. Here are some of the most popular Korean winter food to eat around Korea.

The interesting facts about Vietnamese cuisine
When you want a balance between meats and vegetables, nothing can compare to Vietnamese food that is a healthy cuisine known for its rich and fine taste. Here are the interesting facts for you to find out more about the Vietnamese cuisine.

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