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Challenge yourself with the spiciest Asian foods
Asia’s full of spicy foods, but it’s not a competition. Every country’s got its own take on hot and spicy foods, with so many different delightful ways to burn your tongue. Now for this list, we’re sticking mainly to spicy-yet-delicious recipes rather than the insane ...

10 Turkish foods you should not miss
Rich and savory, not spicy particularly – the delicacies among Turkish foods have been littering the menus of restaurants all over the world. Heritage of the Ottoman cuisine, a traditional Turkish food menu infamous for its meat-full skewers, but there is a lot more to ...

The best foods to ring in the Lunar New Year
Lunar New Year is one of the biggest holidays in Asian culture. While they all celebrate the same holiday, each country has different customs. The most significant difference is probably food! Here are some traditional dishes that are made for Lunar New Year.

The best street food to try in Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur is one of the best places in Southeast Asia to go on food hunts, especially street food. Plan a trip to local street food markets and indulge in Malaysian delicacies!

The best beers to try in Thailand
Beer in Thailand really boils down to the three top Thai beer brands: Singha, Leo, and Chang. All three beers enjoy a mostly loyal following made up of locals, travelers, and Western expats who now call Thailand home.

Top Asian childhood drinks that are not boba
When you first think of Asian drinks, your mind automatically jumps to milk tea. But what many may not have realized is that there are tons of different drinks available right at your fingertips. All you have to do is visit your local Asian supermarket, or even hunt ...

Top 9 Asian daring delicacies
Every culture has its own rituals and customs, especially when it comes to cuisine. While some foods are considered delicacies in their native lands, they're pretty bizarre to outsiders. If you ever have any chance, be sure to try one of these dishes for the most ...

What is the best Asian shaved ice dessert?
No matter where you are, a bowl of shaved ice as dessert is somewhat irresistible. So what’s the difference between all these shaved ice desserts that seem so popular across Asia? It seems many countries have their own version of it, but in principle, they all give ...

Best late night eats in Singapore
Whether you’ve forgotten to eat dinner or are looking for something better than McDonald’s or hawker fare to soak up the evening’s excesses, here are some of the best places for late-night eats in Singapore.

The best foods for the cold weather in Da Lat
Da Lat is a city of Lam Dong province, located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The perfectly cool climate of Da Lat and the romantic atmosphere has attracted many visitors looking for a quick weekend getaway from the crowded and hot cities. Da Lat is coming to its ...

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