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The ideal places to hang out in Mumbai
Mumbai is a vast city which offers numerous places to visit. With all the humidity, traffic and chaos around, you surely require a place to hang out. These are some of the places where Mumbaikars of all ages gather to be entailed in the beauty of nature and grasp ...

What to see in Salalah, Oman
As the capital of the Dhofar region, Salalah has a totally different vibe to the rest of Oman, heavily influenced by its East African connections. Its weather patterns also make it more of a tropical paradise than desert city, and the perfect short-haul destination for ...

The most beautiful waterfalls in Myanmar
Waterfalls are indeed spectacular wonders of nature and Myanmar has some eye-catching collection of waterfalls in its vicinity. If you are a devotee of nature and looking for some scenes of nature full of tranquility and composure, you must travel to these 6 waterfalls ...

What to see in Tianjin, China
Tianjin is a good example of a mixture of Chinese and Western features. Its historic European-style architecture, ancient Chinese cultural streets, beautiful coastline and picturesque mountain views show many aspects of Tianjin. The top following attractions will give ...

Top breathing destinations for nature lovers in India
Spending your days travelling through the smog filled city of Delhi? Longing to get away to a place where you can breathe clean, fresh air? You are not the only one, many city residents are taking long weekend breaks and vacations to give their lungs a ...

Top 5 historical sites in Beijing, China
The place we know as Beijing today has seen the rise and fall of dynasties and the comings and goings of millions of people. You can see the development of the Chinese capital through five following historical sites.

Explore Harbin, the Ice City of China
Being the Ice City of China and a popular winter destination, Harbin is famous for its very cold winters, ice and snow sculptures and exotic architecture.

7 most scenic destinations in Beijing, China
Beijing is famous for its historical and cultural attractions over the world. However, historical sites are not the entire Beijing. The natural landscape of Beijing is worth exploring, too. The following is a list of top 7 most scenic destinations in Beijing.

What to do in capital of Oman, Muscat
Muscat is one of the most mystical and charming places for tourists, as it was found 900 years ago and it is located on the edge of the rough desert landscapes and some mesmerizing emerald seas holding that beautiful charm!

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