What to see in Salalah, Oman

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What to see in Salalah, Oman
As the capital of the Dhofar region, Salalah has a totally different vibe to the rest of Oman, heavily influenced by its East African connections. Its weather patterns also make it more of a tropical paradise than desert city, and the perfect short-haul destination for a short break in the summer. To see the best of it all, here is what you can see in Salalah.

  • Sultan Qaboos Mosque

    Sultan Qaboos MosqueSultan Qaboos Mosque

    This is another unique mosque in Oman. It is quite similar in name to that in Muscat but the one in Salalah is known as Sultan Qaboos Mosque, while the one in Muscat is Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Always adhere to the dress code while visiting any mosques in Oman. You can either see the mosque from the outside or inside. Non-Muslims tourists and visitors can only visit Sultan Qaboos Mosque during non-prayer time.

  • Al Marneef Cave

    Al Marneef CaveAl Marneef Cave

    The Marneef Cave is located near Al Mughsail Beach in Salalah. The charm of this place starts with the the surrounding mountain that has several benches for tourists to enjoy the marvelous view of the beach and the blowholes, Al Marneef Blowholes, which are also called Al Mughsail Blowholes or Fountains. These holes in the ground are known to be sea caves, through which sea waters come, creating beautifully high fountains that splash water around them. Between the white sandy beach, the magnificent mountain, the deep cave and the charming fountains, Al Marneef Cave is the perfect escape for all nature lovers.

  • Sumhuram Old City

    Sumhuram Old CitySumhuram Old City

    Another important landmark to visit is the old city of Sumhuram. The ruins are of major importance to Salalah and you need to see it for yourself. There is one particular tour you can book if you are keen to explore more of Salalah. You can visit both Mirbat and East Salalah by booking this tour. A local tour guide will fetch you from your hotel and you will head straight to Khowr Rawri to visit the ancient old city.

    Apart from that, you will get to see the remains of the ancient port on your way. Stay alert and enjoy the exciting trip while on the move. Imagine what it was like during the ancient times, it will be a great experience for everyone while at the old city.

  • Wadi Darbat

    Wadi DarbatWadi Darbat

    Before heading back to your hotel or accommodation, visit Wadi Darbat. It is more than just a river as the scenery in the surrounding areas is totally breathtaking. Look at the picture above as even the camels are also attracted to the river.

    The best way to enjoy the spectacular views is by boat ride. If you are here during the monsoon season then you can see the beautiful waterfalls as well as the majestic highlands and hills in the surrounding area. Go get some fresh air while admiring the nature while you are here.

  • Taqah Castle

    Taqah CastleTaqah Castle

    Built in the 19th century, Taqah Castle is a lot newer that some of Oman’s other castles. It was once the private home of Sheikh Ali bon Taman Al Ma’ashani, the maternal great grandfather of Sultan Qaboos. It now houses several small museum collections with tools, weapons and clothing. It also has a video display and a nice craft shop. It is located 33 kilometers east of Salalah city and all taxi drivers should know it.

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