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Visit Dubai and taste the best local dishes
Dubai is known for its flavors. If you’re planning a trip to Dubai, you need to make sure that you have a good grasp on Emirati cuisine.

4 Hollywood movies filmed in Dubai
Dubai is the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates and one of the most glamorous holiday destinations in the world. The affluence and luxury of the city makes it the ideal filming destination. We list the top movies filmed in this glamorous city.

The reasons to visit Dubai once in your lifetime
Dubai has emerged as one of the world’s leading international business centres and regional hubs. This cosmopolitan city of diversity is at the crossroad of the globe and has transformed itself into a buzzing international metropolis.

7 things to do in Dubai at night
Dubai is the place in the world where the word ‘impossible’ just doesn’t exist. Being home of the largest mall, the largest acrylic panel, the tallest hotel and the tallest building in the world to name a few, it comes as no surprise that Dubai is the perfect ...

Most impressive architetures in Dubai
In a city known for superlatives, you’ll find eye-popping architecture on every corner. From the world’s tallest tower and most luxurious hotel to space-age structures that defy gravity, discover 10 of the coolest works of architecture in Dubai.

7 interesting facts about Dubai
Situated on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is the most populous city of the United Arab Emirates. It is a cosmopolitan oasis of ultramodern architecture and luxury lifestyle.

Experience the underwater hotels in Asia
Although there are still no hotels that are fully submerged, you can stay in underwater rooms all over the world. The Atlantis the Palm in Dubai has pioneered the concept and you can now win a stay in one of their underwater suites.

Top most crowded places in Dubai
With tourism as the key industry, Dubai undoubtedly attracts a huge number of tourists every year. Among a plethora of destinations, these places are statistically considered the most visited ones in this city of the Persian Gulf.

Admire the stunning beauty of Asian cities at night
Traveling around the world offers many different unique experiences, many cities would not necessarily be described as beautiful more as 'concrete jungles'. However, the cities listed below really do prove how beautiful it is at night.

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