What to do in the Old Quarter of Dubai

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What to do in the Old Quarter of Dubai
There’s so much to see and do in Dubai – from going up the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, to going skiing indoors at Ski Dubai. For those who wish to see what life was like before the city began its rapid growth, Dubai’s Old Quarter is the ideal place to visit.

  • Visit the Gold Souk

    Visit the Gold SoukVisit the Gold Souk

    For those who are looking to purchase gold for great prices or to simply better understand the jewelry market in Dubai. Here, visitors will be able to see the largest gold ring in the world as per the Guinness World Records and shop for great priced pieces, all the while getting a glimpse of what a traditional Arabic market looks like. The Dubai government assures the quality of all pieces, so visitors can be safe as they shop in hundreds of retail stores at the Souk – haggling is encouraged to get the best prices!

  • Walk Around Al Bastakiya Quarter

    Walk Around Al Bastakiya QuarterWalk Around Al Bastakiya Quarter

    The historical quarter of Al Bastakiya dates back to the 19th century and is the oldest residential quarter in Dubai. Visitors can walk around the maze-like streets and admire the original architecture of this neighborhood established by merchants. The buildings, completed with wind towers that illustrate an era before air conditioning. These days, the quarter is no longer the residence of merchants using the Dubai Creek for trade. However, it is populated with several attractions for visitors, such as the Bastakiya Museum, art galleries and traditional retailers.

  • Visit the Coffee Museum

    Visit the Coffee MuseumVisit the Coffee Museum

    For coffee lovers from all over the world, the Coffee Museum in the Al Bastakiya Quarter is the dream destination. This museums gathers regional and international flavors in order to offer visitors a cozy and elegant experience to sip on coffee while admiring the traditional architecture. Some of the more popular styles offered by the Coffee Museum are local Arabic coffee, Ethiopian coffee and Japanese coffee. In addition to the coffee to be tasted, visitors can also check out the antique items and learn more about coffee roasting and brewing.

  • Visit the Dubai Museum

    Visit the Dubai MuseumVisit the Dubai Museum

    Perhaps Dubai’s most popular museum, the Dubai Museum was built inside the historical Al Fahidi Fort, which dates back to 1787. The fort played a massive part in Dubai’s history, having originally been the residence for a monarch, as well as holding the role of a weapon’s arsenal and a prison. Today, the museum welcomes visitors to walk through several models of what Dubai was like in the past – providing an immersive experience for tourists to see how the city has become what it is today.

  • Souvenir Shop at the Souk

    Souvenir Shop at the SoukSouvenir Shop at the Souk

    One of the must do things when visiting Dubai is buying souvenirs for those back home. The city offers a fun variety of traditional items to purchase – anything from the typical gifts such as magnets and mugs to more unique items like camel milk soap and Emirati clothing. The Souk is a fantastic place to shop for all kinds of souvenirs for the whole family. Unlike stores in malls, shopping at this traditional market gives tourists the opportunity to haggle and get the best possible price.

  • Shop at the Spice Souk

    Shop at the Spice SoukShop at the Spice Souk

    The Spice Souk is one of the most unique and beautiful experiences visitors can have during their visit to Dubai. From the mixture of scents perfectly accentuating the flavors of the region, to the vivid colors of the different spices brought to Dubai from neighboring countries through the creek. The Spice Souk gives visitors the chance to shop for traditional and rare spices in a traditional setting and acquire some of the highest quality spices in the region.

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