Top luxury activities you should try once in Dubai

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Top luxury activities you should try once in Dubai
When it comes to extravagance, people with a hefty bank balance prefer Dubai. This incredible city of the UAE has created such an impact on the global tourist map, that no one, be it from any social class can connive at. Anything and everything that is larger than life can be personalized here.

You can order a pair of bespoke shoes, buy a mobile phone studded with diamonds, ride a supercar you have a fancy for, dine at the most expensive hotel, hire a chopper and a yacht, or book a luxury desert safari. In fact, the varieties of luxury things to do in Dubai will spoil you for choice. Here is a list of lavish activities you can splurge in and experience the worldly pleasure.
  • Go on an Off-road Luxury Desert Safari

    Go on an Off-road Luxury Desert SafariGo on an Off-road Luxury Desert Safari

    For those wishing for an exclusive dune bashing experience, hire an off-road safari ride service. Far from the run-of-the-mill safari rides, these off-road tours include luxurious day trips to the desert where you’ll be served multiple meal courses under the moonlit sky after a day of driving through the sands, you can even choose your luxurious ride! The camps are usually set up around a beautiful desert oasis at a premium location, with warm ambient lighting.

  • Have dinner at Hotel Armani

    Have dinner at Hotel ArmaniHave dinner at Hotel Armani

    The tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, is home to one of the most luxurious hotels, Hotel Armani. This world-class hotel has six restaurants serving not just the best and the most delicious food but also offering services and comfort that are a class apart. Along with the food, you would get to enjoy the beautiful view of the city while dining at one of the restaurants of Hotel Armani. Also, the idea of spending time inside the tallest building is in itself incredible!

  • Try the ultimate luxury Helicopter

    Try the ultimate luxury HelicopterTry the ultimate luxury Helicopter

    Do you want to see the city of Dubai from a Bird’s eye vision? Well, there is nothing more adventurous than a Helicopter ride. Are you bored of Dubai traffic? You can avoid it now by hiring private helicopters for enjoying the sightseeing in the city. We will recommend you that helicopter ride will not only be an adventurous, luxurious attraction in Dubai but also you will get immense excitement during your ride.

  • Sail the Seas on a Private Yacht

    Sail the Seas on a Private YachtSail the Seas on a Private Yacht

    Get ready to ride the waves of the Arabian Sea on a premium yacht on your luxurious trip to Dubai. Choose from a large fleet of yachts available with various yacht operators, and get pampered with concierge services, as well as food and drinks on board. Admiring the Burj Al Arab and Atlantis, The Palm from the deck of your yacht is one experience you will not forget easily!

  • Enjoy a Private Hot Air Balloon Ride

    Enjoy a Private Hot Air Balloon RideEnjoy a Private Hot Air Balloon Ride

    The deserts of Dubai are known for their majestic beauty, and the best way to enjoy its beauty is to go on a hot air balloon ride. Most of the hot air balloon rides start at dawn, giving you the chance to enjoy a glorious sunrise, as the sand dunes get a golden hue. You would also get the chance to spot the flora and fauna of the desert, which is unlikely to happen during a regular desert safari. To make your trip extra special, opt for a private hot air balloon ride. It is perfect for couples, especially if you are planning to propose to your beloved.

  • Have Luxury Limousine Car Ride

    Have Luxury Limousine Car RideHave Luxury Limousine Car Ride

    Create a memorable experience with the touch of royal and luxury in the one-of-a-kind flamboyant luxury Lincoln Limousine Car Dubai. If you are planning your dream date or a romantic ride with your partner, then nothing beats the snazzy Limousine Ride. You will be in love with the exclusive comfort-enrich car. If you are a hardcore lover of luxury cars, then you are in the right place. Get a unique luxury experience while riding the car along the roads of Dubai.

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