Best places to enjoy New Year fireworks in Asia

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Best places to enjoy New Year fireworks in Asia
2019 is about to go out with a bang and nothing will say that louder and prouder than a brilliant display of rainbow-colored fireworks to mark both the end of a year as well as a new beginning. Year in and year out, this is one New Year’s Eve tradition that will never change, especially in the Asia-Pacific destinations that are known to throw the best New Year’s Eve celebrations.

  • Singapore


    Singapore hosts spectacular annual celebrations for the New Year and the renowned Marina Bay Sands has made it even more impressive with its Supernova Countdown, where the best skyline of the country is. At the stroke of midnight, the eight-minute fireworks display lights up Singapore’s iconic downtown skyline. You can celebrate on Sands SkyPark and enjoy spectacular views of the fireworks from 57 stories high, over the infinity pool or the observation deck in the clouds.

    Immerse in the city-state’s New Year tradition and join the ‘Wishing Spheres’ ceremony at Marina Bay, write and express your wishes on the floating orbs, where they’ll be lit up and set afloat, transforming the bay into an eye-catching visual arts showcase. For a wild party scene, head to Sentosa Island for the best parties and concerts in Singapore.

  • Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur

    Malaysia: Kuala LumpurMalaysia: Kuala Lumpur

    ©Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

    Although various spots in around Kuala Lumpur will throw their very own fireworks party annually, it is without a doubt that the Petronas Twin Towers located right in the heart of the bustling Malaysian capital city is where the New Year’s Eve party is at.

    Petronas Twin Towers, which is surrounded by a lush, family-friendly park, is relatively quiet for the most part of the year. But come Dec 31, the Malaysian landmark will be transformed into a massive New Year’s Eve celebration venue complete with a beautiful musical fountain “dancing” to the pulsating beats, live music performances, and of course, jaw-dropping fireworks. Every year, locals and tourists alike arrive in droves to be a part of the fun-loving, cheery crowd.

  • The United Arab Emirates: Dubai

    The United Arab Emirates: DubaiThe United Arab Emirates: Dubai

    Last year, Dubai’s annual display of fireworks at the attention-grabbing Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, was replaced by a laser light and sound show for the New Year’s Eve celebration. This New Year’s Eve, as a nod to the fact that the city is quickly becoming a popular new year’s eve destination, Burj Khalifa developer Emaar Properties is bringing it back for the benefit of spectators. Aside from the fireworks display, Dubai’s New Year’s Eve gala will also involve water-music performances from The Dubai Fountain which will be coordinated and produced by a team of world-class experts.

  • Taiwan: Taipei

    Taiwan: TaipeiTaiwan: Taipei

    The Taipei 101, formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center, is a landmark skyscraper in Taipei’s Xinyi District. It was once the world’s tallest until the completion of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. The iconic structure is also the most popular place to ring in the new year in Taiwan. At Taipei’s 101 building when the countdown enters the final stage, the building itself lights up floor by floor from the bottom up for the New Year’s countdown, making Taipei 101 the biggest New Year’s Eve countdown clock in the world. After the countdown is over, fireworks are immediately set off, a star-studded group gathers on the spot to accompany a variety of activities and special ceremonies, and a special, exciting, out-of-the-ordinary Taipei New Year’s Eve celebration is on display!

    Taipei 101’s pyrotechnic extravaganza can be viewed from a score of locations including in front of the Taipei City Hall Plaza, the Xianjiyan Hiking Trail in Wenshan District, or the Zhinan scenic spot in the Maokong area.

  • Hong Kong

    Hong KongHong Kong

    As if Victoria Harbour was not already stunning enough at night with the dramatic Hong Kong skyline as its backdrop, come Dec 31 every year, it transforms into the premier destination for the New Year’s Eve celebration. Ordinarily, the celebration starts with “Shooting Stars”, where bursts of shimmering light pierce into the sky at every 15-minute interval from the rooftops of the skyscrapers surrounding the harbor. Simultaneously, on the ground, the crowd will be entertained by a lively street party and performances by various artists. Then, at 12 midnight sharp, giant splashes of fire and light will illuminate the territory’s dark, inky night with a mind-blowing spectacle that can be seen from just about anywhere in Hong Kong.

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