The best souvenirs to buy from Dubai

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The best souvenirs to buy from Dubai
Dubai has a lot to offer for those travelling to the UAE for the first time. From its futuristic skyline to vast desert landscapes, from the biggest mall in the world to some of the best cuisine in the region, Dubai seems to have it all.

When visiting, one can get overwhelmed by the endless amount of goods and souvenirs to bring back home, so here are the best souvenirs to be sure to pick up when you are in Dubai.
  • Aladdin lamps

    Aladdin lampsAladdin lamps

    The legend and mystery of Alladin find their home in these brass lamps inlaid with stones or intricate carving. Smaller versions of these can be tucked away into suitcases and make exotic gifts for those back home. Karama Souk is not a traditional bazaar but a leisurely stroll along the pavements will allow you to unearth a few of these jeweled treasures.

    Another sure bet is the Al-karama market next to the fish market in Bur Dubai. While you can hone your haggling skills here, a beautifully carved lamp or one with lots of stones or inlay work will definitely set you back by a few hundred Dirhams.

  • Camel Milk Chocolate

    Camel Milk ChocolateCamel Milk Chocolate

    A home grown delicacy that you will absolutely love, the Camel Milk Chocolates are one of the most delicious things to get from Dubai. Initially these chocolates could only be found in Dubai but now they are being exported to Europe and other Asian countries. Al Nassma camel milk chocolate has many varieties including whole milk, macadamia and spiced (Arabia) chocolates.

  • Persian rugs and carpets

    Persian rugs and carpetsPersian rugs and carpets

    The UAE has built a reputation of having some of the world’s most luxurious textiles. Ranging from the opulent, royal-class iterations to the more pocket-friendly types, if you are in the market for some of the best textiles, then Dubai is the right place to start.

    With a varied collection of antique Persian rugs littering numerous stores in the city, visitors who seek a unique rug to take back home are bound to be spoiled for choice. Head over to one of the Dubai Souks where you will find a wide choice of these rugs, or you could choose to spend a little extra and visit the Persian Carpet House where you can have a carpet custom made for you.

  • Lucky Stones

    Lucky StonesLucky Stones

    Based on your birth month, lucky stones are usually placed in gold, silver and platinum rings or pendants and are believed to bring in good luck and the best thing about buying this as a souvenir is that it is customizable and comes in many designs and everyone will be lured into buying it. The one with Arabian designs are unique and very pretty.

  • Arabic perfume oils

    Arabic perfume oilsArabic perfume oils

    While we are still on the subject of aromatic purchases, another item you need to buy when in Dubai is the Arabic perfume oils, known locally as Arabic Attars. Just like Oudh, the Attar is extracted from plants, processed and bottled to be sold as an alcohol-free perfume.

    There are literally dozens of Attar fragrances to choose from, a fact that will render you indecisive. However, with the help of the vendors’ experienced noses, you should be able to walk out of the Souks with a signature fragrance from among the Attars on offer. You can also buy these at one of the perfume stores where you’ll get some popular Attar brands like Amouage.

  • Dates


    Dried dates from the palm trees of Dubai are some of the best sweets you can get in the city! While plain dates are the most common, you can get some true artisan dates that are chocolate covered, filled with pistachio or sprinkled with dried fruits to make it an even fancier souvenir from the UAE.

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