Harry Potter theme destinations to visit in Asia

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Harry Potter theme destinations to visit in Asia
Are you a hardcore Potterhead? Whether you are a fan of Harry Potter or not, these Harry Potter theme parks, cafes and shops will definitely make your day with their brilliant contents.

  • Universal Studios Japan, Osaka

     Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Universal Studios Japan, Osaka

    You can’t miss this major attraction if you’re going to pay Universal Studios Japan a visit. Leave the Muggle world behind as you roam around the corridors of Hogwarts Castle and gawk at the interactive portraits on the walls. Be sure to also attempt the titillating Flight of the Hippogriff roller-coaster and marvel at Hagrid’s Hut as well as the Great Lake.

    Feeling parched? Head over for a refreshing Butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks Tavern (more popular amongst visitors) or the Hog’s Head. When you’re recharged, head back towards the castle for more fun with rides such as Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Alternatively, go on a photo-hunt and seek out iconic landmarks and objects from the films such as the Hogwarts Express, Honeydukes, Sirius Black’s poster or even live owls.

  • Platform 1094, Singapore

    Platform 1094, SingaporePlatform 1094, Singapore

    With homely lighting, this corner of 1094 Serangoon Road serves up banging Singaporean-Western fusion dishes. Replete with warm lighting, wood-panelled walls and table-top candles to complete the look, Harry Potter vibes are guaranteed here.

    Just glancing at the names on the menu already has us drooling; who wouldn’t want to try an Amnesia Blend, Fairy’s Garden or the mysterious Arendelle? The star of the show is their homemade concoction of the Goblet of Fire. Bacardi is lowered into blue Curacao liqueur and then ignited with a blowtorch! Watch the flames swirl before shaking in some cinnamon powder and taking a sip. If you prefer something non-alcoholic, why not gulp down their version of the Elixir of Life, without the risk of being cursed to live a half-life?

  • Museum CONTEXT, Hong Kong

    Museum CONTEXT, Hong KongMuseum CONTEXT, Hong Kong

    It’s a combination of mystery and adventure when you discover a pop-up museum that’s designed to look like an old curio shop. Museum CONTEXT is the brainchild of Andrew McRae, the owner of two Harry Potter-themed emporiums in Edinburgh. Step into modern-day Borgin and Burkes and discover a whole new world.

    It’s almost as if you’re transported into Hogwarts, stroking at the surface of an old writing desk that looks right at home in Professor Flitwick’s classroom in the middle of a seemingly-nondescript shop in Hong Kong. Run your fingers across ornate wands that lie in velvet-lined boxes, peep into old trunks filled to the brim with potion bottles, and choose from a variety of Hogwarts house scarves, badges, puzzles, chest sets and unique birthday candles.

  • 9 3/4 Cafe, Hong Kong

    9 3/4 Cafe, Hong Kong9 3/4 Cafe, Hong Kong

    Enter the soft warm glow of 9 3/4 cafe, where space is decorated with wall-mounted wands and broomsticks, portraits of witches and wizards and make-believe electric candlelight. You’ll find more than just Butterbeer here; you can get new-but-old favourites like polyjuice potion, take a swig of Amortentia Love Potion, charm the rest of the day with some Felix Felicis or have a heart-to-heart over some Veritaserum.

    If you’re hungry, treat yourself to some of their delightful Western mains, such as soft-shell Aragog salad or the Romanian Longhorn pumpkin pasta. Be warned that the menu only reads in Mandarin, so you might have to enlist the help of the staff to get the right orders.

  • Akiba Fukurou, Tokyo

    Akiba Fukurou, TokyoAkiba Fukurou, Tokyo

    Akiba Fukurou might not be Harry Potter-themed, but it is still an enthralling experience to have if you’re travelling in Tokyo. You have to make a reservation online for your turn with the owls. Feel free to immerse yourself in the quiescence of the cafe and spend some time with these beautiful critters.

    You’ll get to choose two from a whole range of owls to interact with and take your own photos. At the end of your visit, the attentive staff will take one with their own camera and give it to you as a postcard on the way out.

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