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Top places to visit in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
In the past, Kaohsiung never really got the attention it deserved, but in recent years tourists both local and foreign are starting to realize that there’s more to this city than the island’s largest port.

Explore the most amazing landmarks in Taiwan
When most people think of Taiwanese architecture, one building springs to mind – Taipei 101. As the former tallest building in the world, 101 gets all the attention, but the truth is that Taiwan has so much more to offer in terms of compelling architecture. From ...

Kaohsiung's best places to have the best food experience
Kaohsiung is the trading center of Taiwan, but there’s more to this affluent city than shipping. Kaohsiung has transformed from industrial backwater to thriving metropolis. In Kaohsiung’s restaurants, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese tastes mingle with European and ...

Top attractions you cannot miss in Kaohsiung, China
Besides the largest harbor city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung has more to offer. It is a name along with picturesque MRT station and the pagoda that you have to go in from a dragon’s mouth.

9 creative art parks and museums in Taiwan
Taiwan is synonymous with night markets. Everyone knows about them and many people make a point to visit at least one on every return trip to the island. But did you know that Taiwan is known for its creative parks as well? If you’re looking to have a feast for your ...

Visit Kenting, the southernmost of Taiwan
Kenting, commonly known as Kenting National Park is at the extreme southern tip of Taiwan. Located on the Hengchun Peninsula of Pingtung Count, it is famous for its beautiful beaches and lush vegetation, and plenty of different corals.

Top restaurants in Kaohsiung that serve unforgettable foods
Kaohsiung is a popular tourist hub. As a matter of fact, it is always full of restaurants, from the fancy award-winning ones to the hole-in-the-wall kind of cafeterias.

Guide to Taiwan's most famous temples
The Chinese temples in Taipei are among the finest in the world, so it is no surprise that they are very popular destinations with travelers who want to visit Taiwan. There are dozens of temples in Taiwan but here are the most famous and interesting temples you should ...

7 best places to visit in Taiwan
Located to the southeast of China, the island nation of Taiwan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and its bustling and vibrant cities are full of beautiful old temples, fantastic museums and lively night markets which offer up a stunning array ...

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