Top restaurants in Kaohsiung that serve unforgettable foods

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Top restaurants in Kaohsiung that serve unforgettable foods
Kaohsiung is a popular tourist hub. As a matter of fact, it is always full of restaurants, from the fancy award-winning ones to the hole-in-the-wall kind of cafeterias.

  • Xing Long Ju

    Xing Long Ju Xing Long Ju

    This is the most popular breakfast spot in Kaohsiung. This place serves classic Taiwanese breakfast such as youtiao, baozi, and danbing. There is always a line out the door, but the line should move fast. Be ready to order (or point at) what you want.

  • Xiao Wang Beef Noodle House

    Xiao Wang Beef Noodle House Xiao Wang Beef Noodle House

    This award-winning restaurant stands out with their unique offerings. The soup has an herbal note, which some may love or hate. The restaurant offers many options to construct your bowl to your liking. For noodle snobs, this place offers both thin and thick noodles. Instead of standard all-beef briskets, you can choose half tendon and half beef.

  • Da Gou Ding Chun Qi Yu Wan

    Da Gou Ding Chun Qi Yu Wan Da Gou Ding Chun Qi Yu Wan

    Da Gou Ding Chun Qi Yu Wan is secretly tucked in Yan Cheng Pu’s cafeteria alley. This hole-in-the-wall joint is frequented by old timers and foodies alike, all looking for quick, savory bites. The guabao is hands-down the best-in-town. Guabao, which translates to pork belly bun, is a slice of slow-braised pork belly wedged into a steamed bun with a spoonful of sugary peanut powder. If you have not already done so, you must add this Taiwanese staple to your food bucket list. Wonton soup is also highly recommended here.

  • Di Tang Zai

    Di Tang ZaiDi Tang Zai

    Dim sum at Di Tang Zai is delicious and creative. While each dish retains traditional flavor, expect a small twist – sometimes with a new ingredient or a spicy kick. You will be delightfully surprised. Make sure to call in advance to order an off-the-menu crispy rice soup. Drinks and desserts are tasty while not overwhelmingly sweet.

  • Tan Zuo Ma Li

    Tan Zuo Ma LiTan Zuo Ma Li

    The best yakiniku (grilled meat) in Kaohsiung arguably comes from this restaurant. Its zen architecture and artsy design fit right in the upscale neighborhood. The restaurant never fails to deliver with the quality of food and attentive services. BBQ here is delicious no matter which meat you choose. The presentation is pleasing to eyes. We came to conclude that the overall dining experience here is the best.

  • Bu Lao Sushi

    Bu Lao SushiBu Lao Sushi

    Many local Taiwanese friends recommended this place. Despite its humorous name, the food here was thoughtful. Nigiri, grilled fish, hand rolls and everything else tasted delightful. The atmosphere is clean, bright and modern. Reservation highly recommended.

  • Tian Tian

    Tian Tian Tian Tian

    This place is a hidden gem. The bonito-flake-base soup is so deep and flavorful that tourists can drink the whole pot. Vegetables and mushrooms are consistently fresh. You can also order the beef shacha stir-fry a la carte. Reservation is recommended for dinner, especially on weekends.

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