Visit Kenting, the southernmost of Taiwan

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Visit Kenting, the southernmost of Taiwan
Kenting, commonly known as Kenting National Park is at the extreme southern tip of Taiwan. Located on the Hengchun Peninsula of Pingtung Count, it is famous for its beautiful beaches and lush vegetation, and plenty of different corals.

  • National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

    National Museum of Marine Biology and AquariumNational Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

    The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium is situated near the sea, close to the Kenting National Park in Pingtung. It is organized into three main areas: Waters of Taiwan, Coral Kingdom Pavilion, and Waters of the World, along with administrative, education, experimental, research, maintenance, and international conference buildings. National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium is a good place in southern Taiwan to educate the public about the ocean.

  • South Bay

    South BaySouth Bay

    Nanwan (South Bay) is one of the beaches of Kenting coast. It used to be a whaling area during the Japanese occupation and is now a fishing village that has a soft white sand beach stretches 600 meters long. South Bay is the longest bay with a plain slop along the coast making it a perfect place for water activities. Domestic and foreign travelers visit Nanwan for beach and water activities such as swimming, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and many others. For the ease of travelers, shower rooms, restrooms, and restaurants are available at the Nanwan Recreation Area.

  • Kenting Street

    Kenting StreetKenting Street

    Also known as Kenting Night Market, Kenting Street is the main road of Kenting, where it becomes a splendid night market filled with both local and international travelers in the evening. Here at the Kenting Street, visitors may find many stores and vendors selling souvenirs and accessories, food stalls and restaurants serving a wide array of traditional Taiwanese snacks. Kenting Street is where visitors are offered with a complete selection of foods while embraced by a relaxing holiday ambiance. In addition, fresh tropical fruits and seafood can also be found along the street.

  • Maobitou


    Maobitou is an excellent place to appreciate magnificent ocean views and watch coral seashore being crashed by the waves. The coast of coral reefs features spectacular landforms that are affected by wave erosion, efflorescence, and salt-soaking. The natural landscapes such as wave erosion caves, ditches, and pillars are amazing sceneries that shall not miss out while visiting Kenting. Also, the sunset views here at Maobitou are one of the eight notable sceneries of Hengchun.

  • Paradise of Deer

    Paradise of DeerParadise of Deer

    Let's visit a famous deer park during your travels in Kenting and see the animals in their natural habitat. Get up close to the beautiful and friendly Sika deers at the picturesque Kenting Paradise of Deer. The park grants you an amazing opportunity to see the animals in their natural habitat, running wild and free. You will get to learn interesting facts about the deer’s habits and way of life as well as interact with them in a relaxing natural setting surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and greenery.

  • Eluanbi Lighthouse

    Eluanbi LighthouseEluanbi Lighthouse

    Located within Kenting National Park, Eluanbi Lighthouse is one of the most recognized attractions in the park. The name of “Eluan” is derived from the Paiwan aboriginal tribe meaning “yacht”. Eluanbi Lighthouse is also the landmark of Eluanbi peninsula, the southernmost point of Taiwan with coast covered with coral reefs. The lighthouse is cylindrical shaped colored in white, with a height of 18 meters and circumference of 110 meters. It is also renowned as “the Light of East Asia” for its strong optical power of light that can reach 20 miles at most.

  • Renjie Go Kart

    Renjie Go KartRenjie Go Kart

    Are you ready to experience how it feels like as an F1 racing driver? Find a good go-kart racing track, put on your helmet, learn a few things about controls, and you are ready to go! Go-kart Racing is a relatively new activity in Kenting. However, it is really popular and there are several go-kart racing tracks around Kenting. If you are a beginner, most of them are good enough. If you are an experienced player, you can find more expensive and professional tracks.

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