The best coffee shops in Ubud, Indonesia

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The best coffee shops in Ubud, Indonesia
Ubud not just about arts, culture, crafts and rice paddy fields, you can also find best coffee in Ubud. It has many coffee shop for hang out or for work while enjoy the tranquility in Ubud. So here are the best coffee shops in Ubud.

  • Seniman Coffee Studio

    Seniman Coffee StudioSeniman Coffee Studio

    For hardcore coffee addicts who need the perfect brew to start their morning, Seniman Coffee Studio is the ideal venue. From creative-looking lattes to smooth espresso, they offer plenty of top-quality options to choose from. In addition to using an Indonesian single-origin coffee blend, the owners also provide traditional Indonesian food. Dig into a sushi-roll or kick back with some blended juice or an ice-cold beer. Their breakfast is popular, so expect a queue upon arrival.

  • Revive


    Revive Cafe is a new cafe in Ubud, not exactly in one of the most visited streets in Ubud, but if you are in the area (Penestanan village), they are a definite favourite of ours for amazing coffee. They know how to do delicious coffee right. More of a chilled, expat feel. On a day with a breeze, the balcony is nice.

  • Gangga Coffee

    Gangga CoffeeGangga Coffee

    Gangga Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in Ubud. There is a real specialty vibe here and you can choose between your standard flat whites and Balinese, Vietnamese and Japanese varieties. The surroundings are some of best, it is colourful, cosy and no one minded me staying for 7 hours. Oh, and you get a delicious coconut snack with each coffee.

  • Lazy Cats Café

    Lazy Cats CaféLazy Cats Café

    They call themselves a “home away from home.” They are right. Lazy Cats is designed for those of you who want to feel like a cat for the day and rest on a comfy armchair. A cafe, bar, and gallery, Lazy Cats’ architecture combines industrial bohemian with classy decor. They also have a mix of art, lush vegetation, and vintage furniture. They sell their own coffee beans, with different flavors and funny names, such as MEOW.

  • Kopi Desa

    Kopi DesaKopi Desa

    It is a nice place to hang out or work in the heart of Ubud. You will find a bamboo decorated and made out of natural materials so will make you want stay longer here. Kopi Desa also favorite coffee shops for travelers and expats who lives around Kopi Desa. You can find a good cup of Indonesian coffee organic in Kopi Desa. Besides coffee, Kopi Desa also serves cakes, main menus and many more with reasonable price.

  • Cafe Vespa

    Cafe VespaCafe Vespa

    Located in a renovated art gallery that is no longer used in the small village of Penestanan Kaja, Cafe Vespa offers some of the best coffee in Bali. Their artisan coffee is velvety and freshly roasted each week. This spot also has strong WiFi. Pair their delicious coffee with a chocolate delight or apple crumble.

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