Thai Cuisine

How to have breakfast like a local in Thailand
Food is hugely important in Thai culture, with Thais using food as a common conversation starter. There are many popular dishes in Thailand and plenty of regional specialties. While there are no specific breakfast dishes in Thailand, with the same meals eaten at any ...

Visit Chiang Mai, don't forget to enjoy local dishes
Chiang Mai is a destination that will constantly surprise you with hidden gems at every corner. From its art and culture to the scenic mountains, lovely weather, cool night markets and even to local food. Chiang Mai food is distinct from its cousins to the south and ...

4 popular Thai noodle dishes you should try
When someone mentions to Thai food, Pad Thai is most often what comes to mind. Then the cravings for that unique taste and texture begin. Beside Pad Thai, there are some delicious noodle dishes.

Explore the healthiest dishes in Thailand
To be fair, there are so many enticing dishes and food vendors on every street that it is hard not to catch yourself snacking on something at any given moment. For this reason, it is also extremely difficult to keep the pounds off! There are, however, many healthy Thai ...

Handle the heat with these spicy dishes in Thailand
Thai cuisine is amongst the most delicious and diverse in the world, with masterful combinations of spices and ingredients combining to create dishes that are tasty, aromatic and especially, hot and spicy.

Must-try specialties in Bangkok, Thailand
No flavor is forgotten in the making of a Thai dish. Spicy, sour, sweet, salty, and bitter flavors are almost all guaranteed to make an appearance in Thailand’s most noteworthy dishes. From street vendors to the swankiest of restaurants, Bangkok’s vibrant food scene ...

The best Thai desserts to indulge in
Thai desserts reflect Thai cuisine in the way certain ingredients are used notably rice, coconut, and fruits. Thai desserts are known as Khanom in Thai or sweet snacks. Eating Khanom is a great way to end a meal and smoothen the palate after eating spicy Thai dishes.

What to eat when visiting Pattaya, Thailand
Pattaya is the fishing village of Thailand which is known for the pristine white sand beaches and bustling rush of the city. Along with this the city also attracts the crowd with its delicious Thai street food and a plethora of restaurants lined along the streets.

Thai curry, the most amazing dish from around the world
Thailand is world-famous for its mouthwatering cuisine. Thai food is known among the world over as being one of the most delicious and flavorful cuisines. With the utilization of Thai chilis, garlic, herbs, and many other aromatic ingredients, Thai food has its own ...

5 Thailand's strangest dishes
Thai food has become so ubiquitous over the past few years that it's easy to feel like an expert eater, even if you've never been to Thailand. On the other hand, some Thai dishes are so strange that even Thai people find them to be acquired tastes. These ...

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