How to have breakfast like a local in Thailand

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How to have breakfast like a local in Thailand
Food is hugely important in Thai culture, with Thais using food as a common conversation starter. There are many popular dishes in Thailand and plenty of regional specialties. While there are no specific breakfast dishes in Thailand, with the same meals eaten at any time of the day, these dishes are commonly available to take away your morning hunger.

  • Jok (Porridge)

    Jok (Porridge)Jok (Porridge)

    Jok is very similar to the Chinese style of congee, rice boiled until it dissolves, and forms a thick porridge that’s almost the consistency of instant oatmeal. It is served to pipe hot, usually with an egg cracked in the middle, some pieces of minced pork made into meatballs, sometimes a few pieces of liver, and finally garnished with thin slices of ginger and cilantro.

  • Khao Tom (Rice Soup)

    Khao Tom (Rice Soup)Khao Tom (Rice Soup)

    Khao tom (rice soup) is also made from rice, but unlike jok, khao tom remains thin and is less congealed. Khao means “rice” in Thai. Rice soup does indeed contain some broken rice, but the real stars of the dish are thinly sliced ginger, flavorful Chinese celery (similar to coriander/cilantro) and either pork (moo), chicken (gai) or shrimp (goong).

  • Kai Jeow (Omelette and Rice)

    Kai Jeow (Omelette and Rice)Kai Jeow (Omelette and Rice)

    Kai Jeow is the Thai version of an omelet that is fried up in a hot pan with oil, and most often eaten with rice. A popular breakfast with Thais and tourists alike you have the choice of meat added inside the omelet, which makes this dish cooked up fresh to order. You can choose to order it plain or with chicken, beef or pork meat added. Once cooked they serve beside a fresh bowl of rice and you will be given chili sauce and ketchup to help flavor the omelet.

  • Moo Ping (Meat Skewers)

    Moo Ping (Meat Skewers)Moo Ping (Meat Skewers)

    Various grilled meats are available at street food stands, already skewered on a stick to make eating them a breeze. Chicken, pork, fish balls, and pork balls are especially popular. Some meats are seasoned, while others come with different sauces to add to your own taste. The meat is sometimes accompanied by salad or a bag of sticky rice.

  • Kanom Krok (Small Coconut Pancakes)

    Kanom Krok (Small Coconut Pancakes)Kanom Krok (Small Coconut Pancakes)

    Khanom krok is a tasty and sweet Thai item, often eaten as a snack or for dessert. It may also be eaten as a light breakfast, and street vendors whip up plentiful batches early in the morning to feed the hungry. The small gelatinous items are made from a mixture of rice flour and coconut milk, and various fillings may be included. Spring onion is very common, and other fillings may include sweetcorn or chives.

  • Dim sum

    Dim sumDim sum

    Dim sum and bao obviously aren’t Thai creations, but that doesn’t stop them from being regularly consumed as a quick breakfast or lunch. The Thai version of dim sum and steamed buns is known as salapao. Some are savory and filled with meat or shrimp; others are stuffed with a sweetened bean paste.

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