Best foods at Terminal 21 in Bangkok

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Best foods at Terminal 21 in Bangkok
Terminal 21 is a delightful shopping and dining mall in Bangkok. It has particular appeal for the younger generation of shoppers, specifically university students and young executives. Terminal 21 has it all. From intriguing decor to the best clothing stores all in one place, one might seemingly overlook all of the amazing food this mall has to offer. So, here are the best eats at Terminal 21.

  • Smoothie Vendor At Pier 21

    Smoothie Vendor At Pier 21Smoothie Vendor At Pier 21

    Thailand has some of the best fruits in the world. Oftentimes, these mouthwatering, healthy treats can’t thrive or grow anywhere else, making them especially unique to the Land of Smiles. Thailand’s unique climate allows an abundance of fruit to grow, making it one of the more common foods found throughout the country. Terminal 21 is no exception. The Pier 21 food court is home to one of the best smoothie stalls in Bangkok. This vendor has all of the ingredients on display for you to browse, with plenty of fruity combinations to choose from. From mango to banana to strawberry, you’ll have trouble choosing which fruit or vegetable you want in your smoothie. The best part is the price. You can get a smoothie for as little as ฿25 (less than $1).

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  • Hachiban Ramen 8

    Hachiban Ramen 8Hachiban Ramen 8

    This is no regular noodle dish restaurant. Sure, you can pick up noodles on almost every soi (street) in Bangkok, but none compare to Hachiban Ramen 8. This restaurant has unique combinations of meat, spices, and noodles in almost every dish. Many of their concoctions are Japanese-inspired, with Japanese-style fried noodles, fried rice, and more. Our favorite is their spicy tom yum dish, with ingredients including pork and mushrooms mixed with the Thai classic, tom yum. Dishes range from ฿60-105.

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  • Vegetarian Food 15

    Vegetarian Food 15Vegetarian Food 15

    Terminal 21 (in fact, all of Thailand) can be a hard place to maneuver if you don’t eat meat. Vegetarians and vegans alike will struggle explaining dietary needs to those restaurants where not a single person speaks English. Also, Thais really love their meat. That being said, the Pier 21 food court in Terminal 21 has a shop just for you. This vegetarian-friendly shop has dishes galore, with food options laid out for shoppers to browse. Simply choose the one, two, or three options that look the most delicious and enjoyable. Dishes are as cheap as ฿30 (less than $1), and each dish comes with a good helping of brown rice.

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  • Dak Galbi

    Dak GalbiDak Galbi

    This swanky Korean restaurant will first catch your eye with its striking decor. It’ll keep you coming back for more, however, because of its delicious eats. Dak Galbi has some of the most mouthwatering dishes, most of which you cook yourself. This authentic, Korean barbecue-style restaurant has grills right on the tables. Many of their menu options are covered in cheese. Watch as it melts right before your eyes in your very own grill, in combination with ingredients including noodles, squid, chicken, mushrooms, and more.

  • Kono Pizza

    Kono PizzaKono Pizza

    You don’t have to venture all the way to Milan to devour great pizza. Instead, head to Terminal 21. It’s here you’ll find Kono Pizza, serving up the Italian favorite in a slightly different form. Instead of your having your pizza by the slice, this restaurant is serving it up ice cream style. Pizzas are individually wrapped in their own cone of dough, served hot and ready to eat on-the-go. This restaurant has your favorite types of pizza, including Hawaiian, vegetarian, and cheese-lover pizzas. It also serves up some more interesting options, including tuna cream cheese and Nutella almond.

  • Sunrise Tacos

    Sunrise TacosSunrise Tacos

    As surprising as it may sound, Bangkok has a great selection of Mexican cuisine. Sunrise Tacos is no exception. It’s here you’ll find incredibly friendly staff and even better endless chips and salsa. Sunrise Tacos almost has too many menu items to choose from, including different varieties of salads, soups, tacos, fajitas, burritos, quesadillas, and much more.

  • Cupcake Love

    Cupcake LoveCupcake Love

    Cupcake Love has a plethora of cupcakes with mouthwatering flavors, including red velvet, carrot, and Ohaya green tea. This shop also has snacks you can eat on-the-go, for example, cookies (฿45) and brownies (฿65). All cupcakes are ฿90 (about $2.50). You can also pick up a box of cupcakes with up to 12 miniature cupcakes or six large ones. You’ll find this delicious dessert shop in the gourmet market, which is on the Caribbean floor (LG).

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