Top local street foods in Kolkata, India

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Top local street foods in Kolkata, India
Kolkata’s culinary scene is rich, vibrant and ever-rewarding to any food connoisseur. It isn’t just in traditional kitchens or legendary restaurants where you’ll witness the dynamism of Kolkata’s cuisine – the city’s street food culture is a world onto itself. Here are street food dishes you shouldn’t miss out on while in Kolkata.

  • Momos


    You can’t sample Kolkata’s street food without trying the local momos or dumplings. With stuffings of vegetable, chicken, pork, and fish, these steamed or fried buns can be had for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as just a snack.

  • Kati Roll

    Kati RollKati Roll

    Enjoyed by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, these delicious and hearty flatbread rolls stuffed with assorted savory fillings have gained popularity across the globe by now. But you shouldn’t miss out on a chance to try them at their birthplace – Kolkata. Said to have been founded at Kolkata’s historic Nizam Restaurant, the roll in its original form included kebab meat stuffed inside a rolled parantha for convenience and portability.

  • Telebhaja


    Similar to what are known as pakoras around the rest of the country, this deep-fried snack is a Kolkata classic you shouldn’t miss out on. Consisting of vegetables (often potatoes) or meat dipped in a batter and then deep-fried, the snack is a great accompaniment to tea in the evening.

  • Dimer Devil

    Dimer DevilDimer Devil

    Kolkata’s own version of the deviled egg, the Dimer Devil consists of a hard-boiled egg with a spicy, deep-fried coating of minced meat and other ingredients. The heavy, high protein snack is perfectly portable for when you’re on the go.

  • Jhalmuri


    This savory street snack is made of puffed rice mixed with a variety of ingredients including onions and chilli. The mixture is served on little paper pouches or plates by street food vendors all over the city.

  • Fish Cutlet

    Fish CutletFish Cutlet

    Consisting of chopped fish and vegetables mixed and reshaped into little discs which are then dipped in a batter and deep-fried, this lip-smacking treat is a hearty snack you will find on street side food stalls across the city. Sometimes the dish is made by just dipping fish fillets into a batter and then deep-frying them.

  • Ghugni Chaat

    Ghugni ChaatGhugni Chaat

    Made from dried peas, this delicious and savory street snack is immensely popular in Kolkata. The dish consists of peas cooked along with a range of vegetables and spices and is served in little bowls ready for you to devour them on the go.

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