Visit Hokkaido and taste dishes made from Melon

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Visit Hokkaido and taste dishes made from Melon
Hokkaido is well-known for melon. In Japan, the melon is known as the King of Fruit for its great aroma and mellow sweetness. Hokkaido grows the second largest amount of melons in all of Japan. They are shipped throughout Japan primarily in July and are popular as a gift item.

  • Yubari Melon

    Yubari MelonYubari Melon

    Known also as “Yubari King”. Yubari melons are grown only in a small town called Yubari city. The sweetest melon you can ever taste. Some Japanese people present Yubari King melons as gifts during the holiday called chugen. It becomes the must-have dessert in Hokkaido.

  • Yubari melon steam cake

    Yubari melon steam cakeYubari melon steam cake

    The melon steam cake is so sweet and tasty, the best thing about this cake is the melon jam in the center. It is not as sweet as normal cake in Japan. You cannot visit Hokkaido without trying it and buy this cake as a gift.

  • Pocky Yubari Melon

    Pocky Yubari MelonPocky Yubari Melon

    It is Hokkaido limited edition classic snack. Yubari melon's specialty in Yubari city, Hokkaido. Lean-fleshed, sweet fragrance is the epitome of the popularity of melon. With plenty of cream and fruit juice with giant Pocky.

  • Yubari Melon Kit Kat

    Yubari Melon Kit Kat Yubari Melon Kit Kat

    You can always bet on Japan to come up with the wackiest Kit Kat flavors. Although not exactly wacky, the Yubari melon-flavoured Kit Kat surely stands out from your normal ones. The Hokkaido special has a milk chocolate option and also a white chocolate with mascarpone options.

  • Yubari Melon Caplico Stick

    Yubari Melon Caplico StickYubari Melon Caplico Stick

    Shaped like ice-cream cones, but it is more familiar with these Caplico sticks in strawberry and chocolate flavors from your childhood days. In Hokkaido, however, you can get these in Yubari melon flavor. There’s even a surprise chocolate center when you get to the bottom.

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