5 places to satisfy sweet tooth-lovers in Harajuku

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5 places to satisfy sweet tooth-lovers in Harajuku
Harajuku is a sweets haven and some popular Japanese treats even have their origin in the fashion-forward district. With such a big selection, it is hard to decide what treat to indulge on. We introduce you to seven must-try sweet shops in Harajuku.

  • Marion Crepe

    Marion CrepeMarion Crepe

    You can't talk about Japanese sweets without mentioning Harajuku crepes. It is said that this popular dessert was invented in Harajuku over forty years ago. The shop Marion Crepe claims to be the original inventor of the Japanese Crepe by taking inspiration from the original French crepe.

  • Cafe Ron Ron

    Cafe Ron RonCafe Ron Ron

    Cafe Ron Ron is another all-you-can-eat restaurant but its concept and design are very unique. The cafe opened in 2018 and was inspired by a French cafe. It has a big conveyor belt as the centerpiece transporting small colorful dishes with miniature size Japanese and French treats. Treats like tiny Dango (colorful rice cakes), macaron, cupcakes, and even cotton candy circle on the golden conveyor belt. They also have a choice of savory items such as tiny hot dogs, hamburger and even potato salad in an ice cream cone.

  • Max Brenner Chocolate Pizza Bar

    Max Brenner Chocolate Pizza BarMax Brenner Chocolate Pizza Bar

    While Sweets Paradise is not unique to Harajuku, the shops interior was designed to fit the districts colorful ambiance. Constant collaborations with Japanese idols and other youth culture characters keep the shop vivid and ever-changing. If you want to create your own pizza you start with the base. You can choose between Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, Strawberry Sugar and Cinnamon Sugar with or without marshmallows.

  • Croquant Chou Zakuzaku

    Croquant Chou ZakuzakuCroquant Chou Zakuzaku

    This took inspiration from Japans beloved cream puff and created something completely new. Even though the Croquant Chou was originally invented in Hokkaido, the store in Harajuku was the brands first specialty store. The cream puff dough is rather soft and springy. The Croquant Chou dough is denser and covered in the almond crunch. The rich cream filling is made with high-quality milk from Hokkaido.

  • Gomaya Kuki

    Gomaya KukiGomaya Kuki

    Gomaya Kuki is technically located in Omotesando but it needed a mention as one of the best ice cream places in the Harajuku area. They only sell sesame related sweets and specialize in ice cream. Gomaya Kuki's ice cream is very rich in taste and low on sugar. You can also add mixed sesame seeds and sesame oil to your liking. I highly recommend the sesame oil as it intensifies the sesame taste.

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