5 kinds of seed loved by Vietnamese during Tet holiday

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5 kinds of seed loved by Vietnamese during Tet holiday
During Tet, every family in Vietnam prepares a special tray of snack to offer guests, containing a variety candies, biscuits, jam, fruits; and roasted nuts are indispensible components of the tray. Below are top 5 most common seeds in Vietnam during Tet.

  • Hat dua (Watermelon seeds)

    Hat dua (Watermelon seeds)Hat dua (Watermelon seeds)

    If you have enjoyed watermelon, you should have seen numbers of black seeds inside the fruit. Those are actually hat dua we are discussing about. However, only the biggest nuts will be chosen to be dried under the heat and then be roasted in big pans to have the final product. There are 2 type of hat dua: red and black depending on the natural pigment used to color them.

    Hat dua is a clean and healthy nut with a lot of nutrition such as protein, glucid, lipid; vitamins B1, B2, E; calcium, iron, zinc, etc. Especially, protid inside hat dua is an essential component for nervous system and the growing of muscles, blood and bones. Eating a handful of hat dua everyday may enhance memory and protect from coronary heart diseases.

  • Hat bi (Pumpkin seeds)

    Hat bi (Pumpkin seeds)Hat bi (Pumpkin seeds)

    Selecting from the biggest seeds of ripe pumpkin, hat bi is among the most favorable nuts during Tet since it is easier to open than hat dua. The process of cooking hat bi is exactly the same with hat dua, however, there is not any pigment to color the nuts.

    Both traditional and modern medicine proved that hat bi containing many substances which benefits human health such as protid, lipid, glucid, calcium, magnesium, fiber and L-tryptophan. This nut is now being remedy for diseases like kidney disease, intestinal disease and coronary heart disease.

  • Hat huong duong (Sunflower seeds)

    Hat huong duong (Sunflower seeds)Hat huong duong (Sunflower seeds)

    The name of this nut indicated its origin quite clearly that is collected after sunflowers fully grown. After being dried and roasted under adequate heart and sometime added with additional flavor like salt and licorice, delicious huong duong is ready to be enjoyed. This nut is the favorite snack of children and youngsters in Vietnam that it is eaten in the whole year, especially with ice-tea or lemon tea, not only during Tet. Besides possessing similar amount of nutrition like other nuts mentioned above, hat huong duong can also be used to slow the aging process of human, accelerate cell generation process and enhance memory.

  • Hat dieu (Cashew nuts)

    Hat dieu (Cashew nuts)Hat dieu (Cashew nuts)

    Hat dieu has its origin from Northern China and Mongolia is among the most luxury type of roasted nuts because its trees can only produce fruits one time per 4-5 years. Hat dieu is usually roasted with salt for better preservation as well as improve its taste. In Vietnam, the food is regarded as a symbol of luck.

    Hat dieu contains many healthy substances like vitamin B1, B2, B3, calcium, protein, phosphorous and cholesterol-free. Monounsaturated in hat dieu may reduce the risk of having cancer; and an ideal choice for people who are on diet due to a huge amount of fiber.

  • Hat de cuoi (Pistachio)

    Hat de cuoi (Pistachio)Hat de cuoi (Pistachio)

    Pistachio is originated from Persia (Iran) is the most luxury and expensive type of roasted nuts available in Vietnam. Due to similar shape and the way to eat with chestnut, pistachio is called hat de cuoi (Chesnut is “hat de” in Vietnamese). The nuts is especially match with a cup of tea or snack for beers and wine since alcohol is the most common drink in Vietnam during Tet.

    With its rich amount of nutrition, pistachio may reduce the oxidation process and stress; good for digestive system as it contains the highest level of fiber in all types of nuts. Heart diseases is also believed to be demolished by eating pistachio frequently.

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