6 best Saudi street foods and snacks you should try

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6 best Saudi street foods and snacks you should try
The Saudi street food and snacks are made up of several cultures and cuisines. They are enjoyed by many people everywhere. Here are some of them you should try in Saudi Arabia.

  • Mutabaq


    This mouth-watering and popular dish is believed to be of Yemeni origin, but luckily for us has become one of the most popular appetizers in the Kingdom. This stuffed version of the pancake can be easily found throughout the country.

    Made from thin pastry layers wrapped and folded around a mixture of mincemeat, eggs, parsley, tomatoes, onions, and a bit of jalapeño pepper. Your first bite of the Mutabaq will burst into a plethora of a myriad of flavors in your mouth.

  • Balila


    A very healthy snack option filled with proteins and fibers. Balila consists of boiled chickpeas mixed with lemon juice, cumin and salt. You can also add garlic, olive oil and a dash of Tabasco sauce to give the snack an extra kick.

  • Luqaimat


    These doughnut-like dumplings are one of the tastiest sweet dish you will ever come across. Crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside, the sugary treat is what we instinctively turn to when we need a sugary fix. Luqaimat are a Ramadan favorite.

  • Manageesh


    This Arabian version of the pizza is undoubtedly one of the most popular dishes in the country. Though it is of Levantine origin it has integrated well into Saudi culture. Za’atar(thyme), labneh(strained yogurt) and minced lamb are toppings that you have to try. You can even combine them all in one.

  • Yughmish


    Leavened bread that is filled with the juiciest of meats is one of the most delicious way to indulge in Saudi street food. Yughmish is not harsh on your tummy, they rather serve a quick snack to have during the day. Filling and tasty at the same time, the piquant yughmish is one of those snacks that you just cannot say no!

  • Malabari Paratha

    Malabari ParathaMalabari Paratha

    This layered flakey flatbread just melts away in your mouth. A staple dish amongst the South Indian expat population, it has now become popular amongst all other residents living in the Kingdom. When served with curry, you will find yourself gorging on this scrumptious flatbread.

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