Challenge yourself to try the scariest food in Asia

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Challenge yourself to try the scariest food in Asia
Besides rich history and unique culture, Asia is world renowned for its unbelievably generous cuisine. Start your Asian food journey with some of the scariest foods here.

  • Barbecued Bat (Indonesia)

    Barbecued Bat (Indonesia)Barbecued Bat (Indonesia)

    Indonesia has some interesting dishes, the award for “most unusual” goes to the barbecued bat, served at local restaurants and street carts. Batman would be appalled, yet others find the dish quite delish. Cooks normally singe off the fur, then remove the wings and head. Depending on the size of the bat, the body is chopped up for stew or stir-fry. If you cannot take the gamey smell or taste of the cave-dwelling mammal, asking for extra garlic, pepper and chili.

  • Fresh Blood Soup (Viet Nam)

    Fresh Blood Soup (Viet Nam)Fresh Blood Soup (Viet Nam)

    Fresh blood soup (called Tiết canh in Vietnam) is a dish made with raw blood of ducks or geese (sometimes pigs), fish sauce, a little salt, cartilage meat of chickens, ducks, goats, etc. for freezing, with peanuts and herbs on top.

    In Vietnam cuisines, blood from animals is a common ingredient for its slightly metallic favor. Despite the hot red outlook, fresh blood soup is a favorite dish for local in northern Vietnam because it is protein-rich and surprisingly tasty.

  • Durian (Singapore)

    Durian (Singapore)Durian (Singapore)

    This fruit looks like a beautiful pine cone but once it is cracked open, you are guaranteed to gag. It is the smelliest fruit in the world, what some people describe as “rotting flesh” which may explain why it is banned in most public places in Singapore. As for the taste, you will either love it or hate it, though most first-timers say the latter. The fruit is often described as sweet, though "disgusting" is also a common description. Which is a shame, considering durian is high in vitamin C, B-complex and essential minerals.

  • Ballut (Phillipines) – Trứng Vịt Lộn (Vietnam)

    Ballut (Phillipines) – Trứng Vịt Lộn (Vietnam)Ballut (Phillipines) – Trứng Vịt Lộn (Vietnam)

    As in Vietnam, ballut (trứng vịt lộn) is commonly sold as street food in Philippines. Local people eat ballut and drink beer. This boiled egg containing a fertilized duck embryo is a well-known street food in the Philippines. For many years, the 18-day-old fertilized egg still scares even the most daring foodies with its carnal texture and daunting look.

  • Fried Spider (Cambodia)

    Fried Spider (Cambodia)Fried Spider (Cambodia)

    Spiders, rich in protein, folic acid and zinc, are considered a delicacy and sold in markets and restaurants across Cambodia. Fried Spider in Cambodia is big and juicy. It is called “apin” in the Khmer language. In Cambodia, a town named Sukhon is widely known as a top spot for trying the delicacy of fried spider.

  • Pig Brain Soup (China)

    Pig Brain Soup (China)Pig Brain Soup (China)

    Chinese people love eating parts of the pig. Apparently, each part of the pig corresponds to the parts in humans. So, if you want to strengthen your legs, eating pig trotters are the way to go. Or if you want to become smarter, you go for the pig's brain although we all thought pigs are stupid creatures. Pig's brain is cooked, its taste is similar to a soft tofu.

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