Tips to visit Saigon during Tet holiday

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Tips to visit Saigon during Tet holiday
Tet holiday is the national holiday in Vietnam which lasts about 5-7 days. During that time, people leave their offices, come back home and celebrate the beginning of the new year with their families.

Many travelers wonder if traveling to Vietnam during Tet holiday is good or bad idea. Your holiday to Vietnam will be very exciting and memorable if you are well prepared.
  • Traffic


    Traffic has always been a problem in Ho Chi Minh City. In such a special occasion like Tet, traffic should certainly be taken into consideration. During this occasion, if you want to pay a visit to famous tourist destination like Vung Tau, Phan Thiet or Nha Trang, you might have to face lots of traffic jams on the way there. Therefore, you can estimate some extra amount of time added to the travelling time so that you will not be late for your plan.

    Plan what means of transportation you will use during Tet holiday. If you need to go somewhere far away from the city by bus or planes, you need to book the ticket in advance. The ticket should be booked many days before your departure, if possible, even months.

  • Accommodation


    Unlike popular myths, hotels and hostels in Vietnam during Tet are abundant, there is no need to worry about overbooked hotel rooms. Tet holiday is a not a leisure travelling time for most domestic so you will have many choices with regard to accommodation. Some hotels will have special nights or New Year celebration so check with them in advance to be part of the fun.

    Note, however, that most accommodation service will raise the price if you stay during Tet holiday attributing it the "peak" occasion. Check before you book!

  • Learn some Vietnamese wishes

    Learn some Vietnamese wishesLearn some Vietnamese wishes

    Giving a wish is a necessary part in Tet. People exchange greetings and wishes regularly in these holidays when they meet each other. By learning some Vietnamese wishes, foreigners can create a good impression on Vietnamese friends and relatives. This also helps enhance the friendliness and relationship among people.

  • Shopping


    Like restaurants, many shops will be closed for the first few days of the lunar new year. Some market will still be open, with much fewer vendors than you normally see, even in major trading point as Ben Thanh market. To your surprise, many products will be sold at a very reasonable price because most sellers want to start a smooth sales year. Try not to haggle or if you do, do so politely or else it will be considered to bring about bad luck for the whole new year.

  • Higher price

    Higher priceHigher price

    Almost goods and services will involve the holiday surcharge, even hotels and restaurants. Pay attention to that. It is better to ask for the prices before ordering or booking. Another problem when traveling to Vietnam during Tet holiday is there are many things not served, especially in restaurants. You will miss the chance to discover many delicious foods.

  • Overall atmosphere

    Overall atmosphereOverall atmosphere

    During Tet, everyone is so happy to be spending time with their friends and families. People work long hours here, so any time away from work is treasured and spending that time with people they have not seen in months makes for a joyous mood. The decorations are also wonderful. Flowers are an integral part of the holiday, so you will see them everywhere, yellow in the south and pink in the north. The good vibes are infectious. Tet is the happiest time of the year in Vietnam.

  • Be aware of pickpocketing

    Be aware of pickpocketingBe aware of pickpocketing

    During Tet holidays, any place hosting events will be packed with people which will increase the risk of being pick-pocketed. When joining any of these activities, please bear in mind a great caution for your belongings. Always hold on tight to your bag, and wear your backpack to the front if possible. Moreover, you should avoid leaving valuable items in your pocket, you never know how skillful these petty thieves are. It is recommended to keep your wallet or phone in your well-zipped bags all the time.

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