Do not miss the yummy food in Manali, India

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Do not miss the yummy food in Manali, India
Manali is a famous hill station luring in tourists not only from India but from across the world too. Like every other place in India, cuisine in Manali has a distinct collection of its street food which can be relished when visiting the place.

  • Red Rice

    Red RiceRed Rice

    If you have never tried red rice, you are missing out, in terms of both flavour and nutrition. Unlike the processed red rice that we usually have in cities, red rice contains antioxidants, vitamin B6, lowers cholesterol and prevents heart disease. It has a slightly nutty flavour and is served in Manali with a side a local variety of kidney beans and green vegetables. It is a no frills but delicious way of filling your stomach and nourishing it.

  • Masala Omelette

    Masala OmeletteMasala Omelette

    Whether you are enjoying a nice time leisurely strolling on the roads or travelling to the scenic Rohtang Pass, the one thing that you will find everywhere to eat in Manali is a special masala omlette, usually served with two slices of bread. This is the ultimate comfort food, specially on chilly mornings or evenings.

  • Trout


    One of the best and the most unique preparations of the Manali and Kullu region is trout. The preparations of this fish in this area are done by marinating the raw material and finally slow cooking them for that impeccable effect. Quite good for the health, unlike many street foods, this dish is low in calories too.

  • Bombay Bhelpuri

    Bombay BhelpuriBombay Bhelpuri

    Spicy and tangy this street food of Mumbai is easily available in Manali too. Being a concoction of the fried rice, onions, potatoes, chick peas, tangy tamarind sauce and much more. For the people having this dish for the first time, the taste and the experience both seem incomparably delightful.

  • Kadhi Chawal

    Kadhi ChawalKadhi Chawal

    Famous for its mouthwatering kadhi chawal (a spicy gram flour curry and rice dish), no matter where you have this dish in Himachal, you will always come back for more. While on the way to Manali, do not forget to stop over at the Manikaran Gurudwara around which you will find many small food shacks selling this delicacy.

  • Bhey


    A preparation using the lotus stems, Bhey is a dish that owes its distinct flavors to the unique texture of the raw materials. This delectable is prepared by thinly slicing the lotus stem, streaming it and then sautéing it in a carried collection of the herbs, spices and gram flour. Quite nutritious to the core too, this dish is another famous street food in Manali.

  • Sidu


    Not a rice fan and wondering what you can have in Manali? Sidu. This stuffed fermented bread is best eaten with mutton. But if you are a vegetarian, you can pair it with the chana madra. Loaded with ghee and spices, this pahari delicacy is made with poppy seeds, onions and wheat flour and lightly seasoned with spices like cumin and coriander. The bread is put on a flame, cooked halfway and then steamed.

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