Taste the unique street food in Bali

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Taste the unique street food in Bali
If food list is considered as your number one reason for travel, you will be glad to know that Bali is the ultimate food paradise. What is even better is that you do not have to break the bank to fill your bellies.

From traditional Balinese restaurants to cool cafe joints and not forgetting authentic street food, the island has all your food cravings covered.
  • Pisang Rai

    Pisang RaiPisang Rai

    Being an equatorial paradise, tropical fruits like coconut and banana are abundant in Bali. And when you combine the two, you get pisang rai. This Balinese snack is made from boiled banana wrapped with rice flour, then rolled in grated coconut. Its soft texture is almost in contrast with the tempting sweet and savory taste from the mix. Many street food vendors will offer an additional sauce made from brown sugar and pineapple pieces, making the tropical feels even stronger.

  • Laklak


    Laklak is Balinese traditional cake made from rice flour and coconut milk. Laklak got its green color from suji leaves and pandan leaves, greeneries that can almost exclusively be found in Asia. The snack is often served with grated coconut or a brown sugar sauce with jackfruit, giving it a distinctive fresh, sweet, and savory taste. Laklak can be enjoyed along with afternoon tea or morning coffee, or as a sweet dessert.

  • Bubur mengguh

    Bubur mengguhBubur mengguh

    A Buleleng speciality, this is a more coconut-y version of bubur ayam (chicken rice porridge commonly eaten for breakfast all over Indonesia).

    The rice porridge, which is sometimes cooked in coconut milk, is served with an assortment of fried peanuts, green beans, and chicken cooked with bay leaves and galangal. There is also usually an additional sauce, composed of red and brown onions, shallots, turmeric, red-chillies, hazelnut, coriander, salt and ground pepper. Sometimes coconut oil is added for extra richness.

  • Terang Bulan

    Terang BulanTerang Bulan

    Terang bulan is one of Asia’s classic desserts and is also popular in Bali. It is like a pancake in texture and kind of like crepes in mixture and taste. In between two pancake-like layers, tourists can choose what to have, chocolate, cheese, nuts, condensed milk, combination of those, or all of those at once. Terang bulan or martabak is a much-loved dessert or snack in Indonesia, often sold by street vendors in kiosks or parked cars.

  • Bakso


    Bakso is an Indonesian meatball served with hot broth, often with noodles and fried dumplings. Many food street vendor sell bakso on portable carts pushed around a neighborhood or on modified motorcycles that allow the cart to be attached alongside. The warm food is not only perfect for cold days in Bali, which do not appear very often, but also makes a perfect snack between meals.

  • Jaja Bali

    Jaja BaliJaja Bali

    For those with a sweet tooth, you cannot leave Bali without trying Jaja Bali, which is an assortment of kue (sweet treats) that hail from the island.

    Depending on which market stalls or warung you purchase it from, some of the kue you can expect include laklak (rice-flour muffins with grated coconut and drizzled with palm sugar caramel), pisang rai (steamed banana with grated coconut), bubur injin (black rice pudding with coconut milk sauce) and dadar (pandan crepes filled with palm sugar and coconut).

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