The most popular desserts in China

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The most popular desserts in China
Chinese cuisine features different desserts to accompany your meals. While most people think that the Chinese dessert constitutes of only the sticky rice cake, there are many other kinds of desserts.

  • Tanghulu


    Tanghulu, the "Chinese toffee apple" is an old Beijing-style snack consisting of a skewer with crabapples dipped in liquid sugar and dried. Common varieties, especially at food markets and China's popular food streets, include other fruits coated in sugar, such as kiwi or grapes. These are most authentically bought from carts by the side of the street, and in Beijing they are hard to escape at common tourist sites.

  • Tangyuan - Sweet Soup Balls

    Tangyuan - Sweet Soup BallsTangyuan - Sweet Soup Balls

    Tangyuan is a warm soup that originates in Sichuan cuisine and is a staple food on any Sichuanese restaurant's menu. It is sweet and filled with fermented rice and sticky rice balls. Sometimes, because of the fermented rice, the soup can be a little bit alcoholic and taste like Southern Chinese mijiu, or rice wine. This soup is usually eaten at large family meals because of its name, which is similar to the phrase for 'family reunion'

    Tangyuan is a traditional food eaten during the Lantern Festival, which is celebrated on the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar, the first night in the lunar calendar to see a full moon.

  • Red Bean Bun

    Red Bean BunRed Bean Bun

    Red bean buns are the popular sweet version of the baozi, or steamed bun, consisting of a steamed bun filled with red bean paste. These buns are the most popular way of presenting red bean paste. The buns come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and are popular throughout the entire country, but especially popular in the North of China.

  • Fried Dough Twist

    Fried Dough TwistFried Dough Twist

    A dough twist that is fried in peanut oil to symbolize the reunion. You will popularly find it in North China. It’s made when you take the 2 or 3 dough paste bars and twist them together. It is generally crispy and rich in flavor with some made using yeast while others are not. If you are from Tianjin then you will find these items in every part of your streets. During New year, families from all over the world come together for the festivities and this dessert best symbolizes the union.

  • Douhua


    Douhua, also known as soy pudding or tofu pudding. There are several regional versions of douhua, but it is said to have originated in Western China during the Han Dynasty. Douhua is generally comprised of soft tofu and some sort of sweet sauce or syrup. In many places, this dish will be served with ginger and clear sugar syrup, and may also be mixed with a bean paste and coconut milk.

  • Almond Cookies

    Almond CookiesAlmond Cookies

    This is one of the most popular desserts in Chinese culture. Although this is a traditional dessert it’s still as popular today as it was back then. If you know you expect kids to visit you, make sure you have these cookies. The recipes indicate light and delicate flavor that isn’t overpowering. After making the cookie dough, a piece of almond is placed in the cookie that completely alters the flavor.

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