An ultimate guide to Fujian cuisine of China

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An ultimate guide to Fujian cuisine of China
Fujian province is known for great seafood and soups and the precise use of scintillating but not tongue numbing spices. Fujian cuisine emphasizes colors, aroma, the blending of tastes and presentation, and special attention is paid to "aromas" and "blending of tastes." It is known to be light but flavorful, mellow and rich, meaty, aromatic and light, with emphasis on the versatility of broths and soups, carving out its own place in the world of Chinese cuisine and gastronomy.

  • Buddha jumping over the wall

    Buddha jumping over the wallBuddha jumping over the wall

    The dish mainly engaged in 28 ingredients, including abalone, sea cucumber, fin, fish stomach, ham, mushroom and so on. Bring to the jug, add Shaoxing Wine, and then seal the jug with mud, simmer for 10 hours around and serve. As the description in a Chinese ancient poem, ‘while opening the lid of the jug, the delectable smell spreads to the Buddhists, who give up praying and jumping over the wall for the delicacy', hence the dish got the name.

  • Yanpi


    Yanpi is a type of wonton skin used in Chinese cuisine. Lean pork meat taken from the shanks is mixed with glutinous rice, pounded to a paste, then sprinkled with starch. The meat gives yanpi a taste and texture similar to that of surimi. The thin yanpi skins are used to wrap rouyan, a type of meat wonton which are often used in taiping yan, a soup eaten on special occasions in Fujian. Yanpi is a speciality of Northern Fujianese cuisine.

  • Spring rolls

    Spring rollsSpring rolls

    Spring rolls, a widespread and popular dish in China. Although it can be found at many provinces, Fujian people regard it as Fujian cuisine. Spring rolls are in a long tube shape and made of flour wrapper and stuffing. Mushroom, chive, egg, bean sprout are common stuffing materials. Besides, people in Fujian would like to add some seafood like clam to the stuffing. Fry the stuffing then use the flour wrapper roll the stuffing.

  • Fish ball soup

    Fish ball soupFish ball soup

    Most of the cooking materials of Fujian cuisine come from sea or river. This dish mainly uses fish as cooking material. Chop and crush the fish meat into muddy flesh, add a little salt, ginger juice then make it into ball-shaped. The dish obey fish’s natural and original flavor. The fish ball is smooth and al dente. Besides, when Fujian people or even Chinese people eat hotpot, fish ball is an indispensable hotpot material.

  • Hot and sour squid

    Hot and sour squidHot and sour squid

    This is a delicious Chinese delicacy that features the use of chili, veggies and others. The only other difference to the meal is the use of squid in the recipe. For most people it’s an exotic recipe yet it happens to be easy to make a meal.

  • Stir-fried rice noodles

    Stir-fried rice noodlesStir-fried rice noodles

    Deep fry rice noodles until golden, then rinse in boiled water to remove grease. Stir-fry shredded pork, fish, mushrooms and bamboo shoots in peanut oil and add chicken bouillon, Shaoxing wine, and salt. Add the noodles and serve hot.

  • Tusundong


    Tusundong is a jelly made of marine products. Tu Sun can be made into jelly because they have gelatins. It is annelid with a scientific name of Sipuncula. With a length of two or three inches, it has bowels and a heart organ. After being boiled, the gelatins it contains will dissolve into water. Then it will become gelatinous after being cooled. Now it has been one of the key cold dishes in large and small banquets.

  • Fujian red wine chicken

    Fujian red wine chickenFujian red wine chicken

    Fujian red wine chicken is a traditional dish of northern Fujian cuisine which is made from braising chicken in red yeast rice. This dish is traditionally served to celebrate birthdays and served with "long life" noodles misua.

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