Don't forget to try these dishes from Shandong cuisine

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Don't forget to try these dishes from Shandong cuisine
Shandong cuisine, with its exquisite procedures and unique styles, is one of China’s eight cuisines. It is famous for its wide selection of material and use of different cooking methods. Shandong Cuisine is popular throughout Beijing, Tianjin and Northeast China and its techniques have been widely absorbed by the imperial dishes of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

  • Dezhou Stewed Chicken

    Dezhou Stewed ChickenDezhou Stewed Chicken

    It’s one of the typical Shandong cuisines, stewed with honey, fennel, sugar and other condiments for several hours. In the 1950s, Dezhou stewed chicken is eaten by president Mao, then it is known throughout the country. The chicken is so well cooked, although the shape of the chicken is preserved, the meat easily separates from the bone.

  • Chicken Ball in Milk Soup

    Chicken Ball in Milk SoupChicken Ball in Milk Soup

    People in Shandong like to use milk to make soup. Milk soup is a symbol of Shandong cuisine. The main materials of this cuisine are chicken breast and water chestnut. Cush the chicken breast and water chestnut into muddy shape, then stewed with milk and water for several hours. The soup is full of fragrance with milk and chicken.

  • Braised Sea Cucumber with Onion

    Braised Sea Cucumber with OnionBraised Sea Cucumber with Onion

    Braised sea cucumber with onion is one of the classic Shandong cuisines. This course is full of strong fragrant onion flavor, can be described as a delicious delicacy with full color and fragrance. To make this course, use the best green onion—Zhangqiu green onion, is the key, fry it until it turns to golden color. Then scatter it onto the braised sea cucumber, the source would be a perfect match with each other with full fragrance yet still keep the freshness of the sea cucumber well preserved.

  • Braised Prawns

    Braised PrawnsBraised Prawns

    The Braised Prawns is a famous cuisine in Shandong province. Since Shandong province has a long coastline and an abundant source of seafood delicacies, eating seafood here is a must-do! Shrimp return to Bohai and the Yellow Sea every spring and autumn. Prawn is famous for delicious taste, beautiful color, and rich nutrition. Shrimp has a rich protein, high nutritional value and rich mineral (such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.).Its meat is soft and easy to digest and very beneficial to human health.

  • Braised Intestines in Brown Sauce

    Braised Intestines in Brown SauceBraised Intestines in Brown Sauce

    As a foreigner, you might not be interested in trying any intestines but this course is a popular star among the locals in Shandong province. The course was created in a local restaurant Qing dynasty about 200 years ago. Its soft texture and spicy fragrant have captured many gourmets to keep ordering it in any Shandong feature restaurants.

  • Four Happy Meatballs

    Four Happy MeatballsFour Happy Meatballs

    Four Happy Meatballs is one of the representative dishes of Shandong cuisine, and also a famous dish in China. The meatball is made of pork, mushroom, and other ingredients. It is a similar dish to the "red lion head" which is another meatball dish popular in the southern provinces in China. Since "Four Happy Meatballs" carries a good meaning besides being delicious, this course is quite a traditional and popular course during Chinese New Year time.

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