Enjoy the tasty dishes when visiting Xiamen

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Enjoy the tasty dishes when visiting Xiamen
As a famous city surrounded by sea, seaport farmlands, mountains and fishing, Xiamen has a time-honored history of producing some of these special snacks, which also contain rich historical and Minnan cultural connotations. Xiamen has a variety of foods with unique flavors and unforgettable tastes, both snacks and dinner dishes.

  • 1. Peanut Soup

    1. Peanut Soup1. Peanut Soup

    One of the Xiamen famous deserts, the snack is prepared by cooking peanuts in water until soft. Only trained chefs know how to properly boil them, as overcooking them will make them oily. Then, sugar is added to sweeten the soup even further. The most famous peanut soup is in Huang Zehe at Zhongshan Lu, a famous snacks store in Xiamen.

  • 2. Xiamen Spring Roll

    2. Xiamen Spring Roll2. Xiamen Spring Roll

    Spring roll contains many foodstuffs like peas, dried tofu, bean sprouts, fish, bamboo shoots, oyster, carrot, shrimp diced meat, mainly vegetables and additionally seafood. And all these food ingredients are wrapped with a piece of thin flour skin. Cook filling well, add salt and soy sauce, wrap in the spring roll wrappers, serve with chili sauce, mustard, plum sauce, leeks, scrambled eggs, and Chinese parsley as you like. With one bite, it strikes your fancy or wanders in off the street.

  • 3. Satay Noodle

    3. Satay Noodle3. Satay Noodle

    Shachamian or Satay noodle is very popular among Xiamen people. You can see these soup noodles nearly everywhere in Xiamen. The highlight is its delicious soup. You can choose to add various ingredients to your soup, such as squid rings, shrimps, pork belly, pork innards, bean sprouts, and mushrooms. It can be a little spicy, but not too heavy.

  • 4. Oyster Omelette

    4. Oyster Omelette4. Oyster Omelette

    Continuing on with another seafood specialty from Xiamen is Oyster Omelette. In many other Chinese cuisines, such as Kunming and Northern China, the omelette is a popular dish that is made signature by adding local ingredients. In Xiamen, the freshest oyster is mixed with egg, sweet potato starch and garlic powder before being cooked in oil. It is eaten by being ripped from the round omelette, dipped in satay sauce and savored.

  • 5. Sandworm Jelly

    5. Sandworm Jelly5. Sandworm Jelly

    Tusundong is a nice snack in the summer. This cold dish is transparent and looks like jelly. In Chinese, this dish sounds like it's made from bamboo shoots. Actually, the main ingredient is sandworms. After boiling, the gelatins in sand worms dissolve into the water, and when it's chilled it becomes "jelly". It tastes better with sauce and chili. Eating with soy, vinegar, sugar sauce, pepper sauce, garlic sauce, mustard, radish, etc, it's really good to taste and very high in protein.

  • 6. Gulangyu Fish Balls

    6. Gulangyu Fish Balls6. Gulangyu Fish Balls

    Fish Ball is one of the most famous snacks on Gulangyu Island. They are made from finely ground fish meat (fish paste) and served with soup and pepper. Real traditional fish balls are rather soft, refined and delicious with a smooth texture. On Gulangyu Island, there are three stores which serve authentic fish balls: Longtou Fish Ball, Yuan Xiang Kou Fish Ball, and Linji Fish Ball. You will enjoy a flavor you will never forget while you eat Fish Balls in these small stores.

  • 7. Glutinous Rice Wrap

    7. Glutinous Rice Wrap 7. Glutinous Rice Wrap

    Around Mid Autumn Festival, Chinese people go absolutely crazy for something called Zong Zi, which is glutinous rice wrapped in a bamboo leaf with pork or red bean paste on the inside. In Xiamen, a similar dish is eaten all year round that contains glutinous rice, mushrooms, shrimp, chestnuts and pork. The ingredients are wrapped in a bamboo leaf, shaped into a pyramid and boiled in water. When it's done, the leaves are unwrapped and the rice is dipped into satay sauce, garlic sauce, or pepper sauce, depending on your preference.

  • 8. Chinese Chives Dumplings

    8. Chinese Chives Dumplings8. Chinese Chives Dumplings

    Chive Box dumpling is made with wheat flour and hot water to keep the dough from expanding. While the dough is being rolled out, chives are stir-fried, eggs are scrambled, and rice vermicelli is cooked. Once the ingredients are ready, they are put in the dough, folded over and crimped. They can be small enough to fit in your hand or big enough to eat as a whole meal.

  • 9. Gluey Noodles

    9. Gluey Noodles9. Gluey Noodles

    Gluey Noodles, or Mianxianhu, are a Southern Fujian, Minnan people specialty. The name comes from how thick and glue-like the soup becomes after being cooked for so long. It's almost like porridge. The stock is prepared by boiling shrimps, oysters, razor clams and other seafood together, and finally, add thread-like noodles to the soup. The soup is boiled again to thicken the stock until it can live up to its name.

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