7 best summer desserts in Seoul, Korea

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7 best summer desserts in Seoul, Korea
Summer in Korea is awesome but can be terribly, terribly hot and humid. July and August are the hottest month. Monsoon season with heavy unpredictable rain often surprises locals and tourists alike.

To cool down your body, nothing is better than relax in a cafe and enjoy a Korean desserts, right?
  • Green Tea Bingsoo

    Green Tea BingsooGreen Tea Bingsoo

    Bingsoo is a quintessential Korean summer dessert and Koreans love to come up with unique bingsoo ideas. Cafe Honesta makes all their desserts with no flour, gluten, sugar, or artificial additives. Their bingsoo is made with organic ingredients, unlike those you usually find at any chain. They even cook their own red bean and use coconut sugar which keeps flavors from being too sweet.

    If you want to indulge in bingsoo, but do not want to feel too guilty, try Cafe Honesta. They pile it up, so eating bingsoo here will also be a fun test of how neatly you can eat without spilling or making an icy mess all over yourself.

  • Natural handmade ice cream

    Natural handmade ice creamNatural handmade ice cream

    Sobok is a dessert shop that is located in Mapo-gu of Seoul. An establishment that emphasizes natural ingredients and flavors. This shop first opened in the Hongik University area in early 2014. It offers dessert prepared daily every morning with unpolished brown rice, soy bean and various grains and mixed with milk. Even the paper bowls used to serve at Sobok are environmentally friendly as made of corn powder. Sobok only serves three items including Sobok Snowflake, Sobok ice-cream and Sobok Injeolmi ice-ball.

  • Fish shaped ice cream

    Fish shaped ice creamFish shaped ice cream

    The Bungeo Ppang, fish shaped pastry stuffed with red bean paste is a very common winter street food in Korea. It usually sell by street vendors, the prices are very cheap. Because this winter street food is so common and popular so the company created the summer version, fish shaped ice cream, red bean paste and ice cream is the standard filling. You can find it from the shops or street vendors in Myeongdong district or buy the simple one in convenience store.

  • Ice coffee

    Ice coffeeIce coffee

    As we know coffee is a beverage, not a dessert, but for Korean people, it can be a dessert. Many Korean people drink ice coffee after lunch or dinner during summer. Nowadays, coffee in Korea is more than just a drink, this is a part of Korean culture. In 2013, Korean people drank coffee 12.2 times per week on average that mean drinking 2 cups coffee per day.

  • Handmade tarts

    Handmade tartsHandmade tarts

    If you have been craving a bite of juicy, fresh fruits on top of a crispy, flaky crust, you are probably looking for a tart. You can find the perfect tarts at TarrTarr. Freshly made every day, their tarts come in different shapes and flavors, more than 50 to be exact. All of the tarts are completely covered with fresh toppings. Not only are the fruit tarts nice to look at, they are extremely juicy and refreshing.

    If you are not a fan of fruit, TarrTarr’s other options include Oreo tarts, cheese tarts, tiramisu tarts, pies, along with other cakes. TarrTarr has several locations around Korea and is known for its high quality, homemade products.

  • Tiramisu Latte

    Tiramisu LatteTiramisu Latte

    Have you ever had tiramisu in a latte? Just like the name says, a tiramisu and a latte is the ultimate dessert combination bringing you the best of both worlds. This specialty drink at Thesis is a thicker, creamier latte, with pieces of cream cheese and cocoa powder. If getting both a cake and a drink is too much for you, satisfy both cravings at once with this tiramisu latte.

  • Softree ice cream

    Softree ice creamSoftree ice cream

    When the Softree first showed its soft ice cream made with Sangha Farm’s organic milk, it heated up the summer in Seoul. People had to wait about an hour to have the ice cream in their hands in the first branch at Garosu-gil. The honeycombs called Honey Chips are placed on the clean and deep milk flavored ice cream and other toppings are such as chocolate and blueberry, etc. available.

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