Lost in the most beautiful beaches of Goa, India

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Lost in the most beautiful beaches of Goa, India
A destination of choice for sun and surf lovers, Goa offers an abundance of beautiful beaches.

Some beaches are rocky, some sandy; some teem with happy holidaymakers while some are the picture of tranquility; some encourage swimmers while some prefer sunbathers. Here are the top 6 beaches there for you and your family.
  • Palolem


    Crescent-shaped and palm-fringed, Palolem beach has clean white sand and stunning views. The beach offers a range of activities such as beautiful walks and intriguing boat trips. Typical of a Goan beach, there are a range of beach huts to stay in and restaurants in which to sample the local seafood.

  • Baga


    A little further south of Morjim sits Baga, showcasing an entirely different atmosphere to that of its neighbour. Isolation is swapped for infrastructure, resulting in a fantastically-vibrant atmosphere defined by an unbroken line of aromatic and welcoming beach shacks, all placed beside a long stretch of golden sand.

  • Ashwem


    This beach is located in North Goa and it is considered as one of the best beaches in Goa for foreigners who are looking for no crowds at all.

    It is considered one of the most well-maintained and cleanest beaches in Goa and it is less crowded than the rest (which is really rare for busy Goa). Due to the lesser amount of people, the beach is a lot cleaner, as is the water. This makes it perfect for swimming. This 1.5 km beach boasts beautiful blue water, swaying palm trees and soft sand. You will find a wide range of cafes, pubs, restaurants to eat and drink there are even sunbeds and umbrellas provided free of charge.

  • Aguada


    Aguada Beach is a well-maintained beach in North Goa. It is one of the best beaches of Goa for lovers of water sports. The beach has a lot of shacks as well. It is a great place to spend the day at, as one can partake in a number of fun activities. Aguada beach is safe for swimming as well and is well monitored by lifeguards. The imposing Fort Aguada stands tall at one end of the beach offering interesting photo opportunities to tourists.

  • Anjuna


    Once a favourite hangout for hippies, Anjuna beach currently exudes a slightly different vibe. Although there is still some evidence of the bohemian peace and of yesteryear, the beach is now a tourist hotspot. Situated in north Goa, just 11 miles from Goa’s capital of Panjim, Anjuna is easy to reach. Look out for the flea market on Wednesdays, ideal for authentic souvenir shopping and enjoy the psychedelic trance music that often rings out at sunset.

  • Varca


    Varca beach, located in South Goa, is quiet, calm and almost free of pesky hawkers. The beach is not as popular as the other commercialized beaches in Goa and has therefore managed to retain its virgin beauty. The major attraction of the beach is the Dolphin-watching trips that are organized on a regular basis. A number of hotels and resorts are located nearby so stay is never a problem. The best time to visit Varca Beach is from November to March.

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