Top 6 most beautiful lakes in Asia

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Top 6 most beautiful lakes in Asia
Apart from being the biggest cultural melting pot, Asia is also home to some of the most beautiful lakes in the world. For those of you who would love some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and just be one with the wonders of nature, these lakes are a perfect travel choice.

So, here are some of the best, underrated lakes in Asia that you should consider visiting the next time you are planning a trip.
  • Inle Lake, Myanmar

    Inle Lake, MyanmarInle Lake, Myanmar

    At nearly 3,000 meters above sea level in the Shan Hills of Myanmar, Inle Lake is home to a number of subsistence-based tribes dispersed across four main villages along the iconic lake, with a number of smaller settlements framing the shoreline.

    Most of the indigenous people live in communities of stilted bamboo homes, and the local fishermen practice a distinctive leg-rowing style that developed from the need to fish from a vantage point among the reeds and floating plants. The Shan region is also famous for its incredible Chinese-inspired cuisine, Lotus textile weaving, and “cheroot” cigars made from tobacco, honey, rice flour, tamarind, banana, and star anise. The local village also has its own beautiful vineyard overlooking the village valley with wine tasting available.

  • Lake Wuhua Hai, China

    Lake Wuhua Hai, ChinaLake Wuhua Hai, China

    Lake Wuhua Hai, or also known as Five-Flower Lake, is one of the many treasures located in the gorgeous Jiuzhaigou Valley. The lake’s constant change in colour from dark blue, to sea-blue, green, yellow and red, is what makes it a natural beauty, apart from its crystal clear water of course. The latter allows you to enjoy the stunning view of broken branches and tree floating on the lake bed. You can get to Jiuzhaigou by taking a flight to Chengdu and subsequently a bus from any two main bus stations in Chengdu.

  • Tamblingan Lake, Indonesia

    Tamblingan Lake, IndonesiaTamblingan Lake, Indonesia

    Lake Tamblingan is a caldera lake located at the foot of Mount Lesung in Bali. It is one of three lakes that were formed inside an ancient volcanic caldera, the other lakes are Lake Buyan and Lake Bratan. The lake, surrounded with dense rainforest and remnants of the 10th-century Tamblingan civilization, have been designated as a spiritual tourism site protected from modern development.

    Many small, ancient Balinese temples are scattered around the shores of the lake and its vicinity, the most well-known is Pura Dalem Tamblingan, located on the eastern shore of the lake. Other notable temples are Pura Ulun Danu Tamblingan which is located on the southern shore of the lake near the village of Gubug and Pura Pekemitan Kangin, located on the ridge overlooking the narrow strip of land separating Lake Tamblingan from Lake Buyan.

  • Lake Pichola, India

    Lake Pichola, IndiaLake Pichola, India

    Maharana Udai Singh chose to build his City Palace here in 1559. Since then, Lake Pichola, one of a chain of lakes in Udaipur, has enjoyed an elevated status, even though it was artificially created in the 14th century. Adding to its allure are two islands, each with its own palace, that do not need Instagram filters to look spectacular when silhouetted at dusk. Sail across the lake to visit Jag Mandir Island Palace, where royals used to hold parties, and have your own royal meal.

  • Lake Kawaguchi, Japan

    Lake Kawaguchi, JapanLake Kawaguchi, Japan

    Lake Kawaguchi has been immortalized in photographs as the place where iconic Mt. Fuji is perfectly reflected in the stillness of crystalline waters. These days you have to beat the tourists in motorboats to capture that effect, but still the shores of this watery expanse, about 90 minutes from Tokyo, deliver some of the best views of Fuji-San, especially when the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

  • Jurong Lake, Singapore

    Jurong Lake, SingaporeJurong Lake, Singapore

    Finally, here is one that does not require you to travel too far. Jurong Lake, Singapore’s famous reservoir cum freshwater lake, is most definitely a must-visit for all those in the country. It is in fact, the result of the damming of the Sungai Jurong and is currently being developed in phases and is envisioned to be the country’s national gardens, a place for families to come together to spend some relaxing time.

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